Tastemade opens its first restaurant, Tastemade Me Tacos

Tastemade opens its first restaurant, Tastemade Me Tacos, photo provided by Tastemade
Tastemade opens its first restaurant, Tastemade Me Tacos, photo provided by Tastemade /

Whether it is the engaging culinary programming on its channel, its easy to follow cookbooks, or its engaging social media, Tastemade is the food authority that many people trust. Now the brand has expanded into its first-ever dining experience. Ready to enjoy Tastemade Me Tacos?

The humble taco is more than just a weekly dinner option. Thinking about the particular type of dish, it crosses food cultures. Although Korean tacos might have become one of the food moments years back, the idea of using the taco to introduce food lovers to different ingredients, flavors and textures works. Blending that familiar and new is the perfect bite.

With Tastemade Me Tacos, the brand has partnered with James Beard Award finalist, Chef Wes Avila to create this special restaurant offering. The taco menu will feature flavors from Mexico, the Mediterranean, Asia, and the American Southwest.

As Co-Founder & CEO Larry Fitzgibbon, Tastemade said, “Our fans have embraced Tastemade as a go-to destination for global food trends, viral food recipes, and the food industry’s most exciting storytelling. We are excited to bring this passion and expertise to a new culinary experience, Tastemade Me Tacos, and give our fans a dining destination and delivery service to experience the best of Tastemade firsthand. We’re thrilled to have best-in-class partners in C3 and to bring Chef Wes Avila to New York City for the first time.”

Tastemade Me Tacos,
Tastemade opens its first restaurant, Tastemade Me Tacos, photo provided by Tastemade /

Looking at Chef Avila’s menu, some of the highlights include Carnityaki taco with teriyaki beef; a Chicken Shawarma taco with feta, sumac, and tahini; and a classic Queso Asado taco with carne asada. Looking at these offerings, the cross-cultural connection is clear. Whether guests want a taste of the familiar or prefer to step out of their comfort zone, the menu has both options.

More importantly, this Tastemade restaurant could inspire home cooks to think differently about their next taco night. Even though this food order is at the ready, the flavors and techniques could have home cooks looking to change up that ground beef, cumin, and salsa option for some harissa or try some ground lamb in a tortilla.

Tastemade Me Tacos is located at Citizens New York food hall. It is a takeout and delivery restaurant that is open Monday through Friday, 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. More information can be found via GO by Citizens app, GrubHub, Uber Eats, DoorDash and delivery.com.