Hormel Black Label Bacon smokes the competition for March Madness

Hormel Black Label Bacon March Madness promo, photo provided by Hormel
Hormel Black Label Bacon March Madness promo, photo provided by Hormel /

While there might have been cheers when a missed shot scored bacon for a college basketball crowd, there is a different bacon that is ready to smoke the competition. The special, limited edition Hardcourt Smoked Hormel Black Label Bacon is the must have meat for March Madness. How can you score a package?

For some people, bacon is life. Whether it is that sizzle first thing in the morning or the unctuous flavor that completes a burger, it seems that there is always room for bacon.

But, not all bacon is the same. Putting aside preferred cooking methods, most people can agree that a well-smoked bacon has a more robust flavor. For March Madness this year, Hormel is switching the traditional maple or hickory for a different type of hardwood.

According to Nick Schweitzer, senior brand manager for Hormel Black Label Bacon, “For the first time, college hoops superfans won’t just live and breathe the game this March, but they’ll have a chance to eat it, too. Even if your bracket is busted early, you can still get the taste of sweet victory with our limited-edition bacon.”

The special bacon has been smoked with the hardwood maple chips. Connor Sports provided trimmed pieces of wood that were used to make this year’s March Madness basketball courts. Those maple wood chips were used in the smoking process. To put simply, the bacon has the smoke of “real March hoops hardwood.”

Thinking about this food promotion, it is an engaging idea. Basketball fans will run to get that taste. It might not guarantee a winning bracket, but the food on the table will be a winner.

Similar to how Lay’s Potato Chips used gridiron soil to grow potatoes to make some special team chips, this idea seems to show that food and sports are forever intertwined. Maybe for the hockey playoffs someone will do something with the ice for cocktails.

For now, anyone who would like to get a taste of the Hormel Black Label Bacon Hardcourt Edition offering needs to visit the special website to enter. It is open from now through March 20, 2023. There are 68 commemorative packages available.