Will you be able to snag a reservation for Red Lobster Endless Lobster?

Many people love an extra helping of those Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Others, countdown the days to the annual Endless Shrimp event. Now, another special event has people excited to book a reservation. Will you be one of the guests for the Red Lobster Endless Lobster dinner?

Throughout the year, Red Lobster offers unique events to give guests another reason to come to the table. While new menu items can be exciting, the promise of good food at a great price has an even great appeal in today’s economy. It is one of the reasons why the “endless” promotions are well received.

According to Patty Trevino, Chief Marketing Officer at Red Lobster, “We’re thrilled to reward guests for their love of lobster with our first-ever Endless Lobster event. We know how much our guests love Endless Shrimp, so we figured why not offer Endless Lobster.”

For the first time ever, the Red Lobster Endless Lobster event will be held on March 28, 2023. Held at its Times Square restaurant, the fortunate diners will be able to enjoy copious amounts of lobster. The whole event will be free for guests. But, there is a little catch.

Red Lobster Endless Lobster

Red Lobster is hosting the first-ever Endless Lobster event for lob-sessed guests to enjoy endless amounts of Live Maine Lobster! photo provided by Red Lobster

The limited reservations for this special event will go live on Tuesday, March 21 via https://endlesslobster.eventbrite.com/. There are three seatings available. Reservations are available on a first come, first served basis. It seems likely that these reservations will go quickly.

For those people who get the opportunity to dine at the Red Lobster Endless Lobster event, they will be able to enjoy as many 1 ¼ Live Maine lobsters that they can devour. Whether they want to dunk in butter, eat on its own, or add it on top of a side, the choice is theirs. Maybe someone will come up with a creative way to enjoy all these crustaceans.

Although this special event is not available at all Red Lobster restaurants, some people might hold out hope that Endless Lobster could happen. Only time will tell if a version of Endless Lobster could be adapted on a larger scale. For now, act quickly to get the highly coveted reservation.