Nightfood partners with Sonesta Hotels for a better night’s sleep while traveling

Sonesta Hotels and Nightfood partnership, photo provided by Nightfood
Sonesta Hotels and Nightfood partnership, photo provided by Nightfood /

While travel can be exhilarating, a night away from home is not the same as sleeping in your own bed. Even if all the adventure can bring a tired state, dreamland might still be a little far away Nightfood and Sonesta Hotels are joining forces to help guests get a better night sleep.

March is sleep awareness month. While some people have created the perfect nighttime space to drift into slumber at home, the same might not happen when at a hotel. Even with the best pillows, perfect temperature, and other items, a little helping hand can make those zzzs come more easily.

At the same time, hotels appreciate that a trip can sometimes come with a little indulgence. Sometimes that special treat while staying up a little past bedtime is the indulgence that makes the getaway even sweeter.

The partnership between Sonesta Hotels and Nightfood offers that indulgence with a scoop of balance. The food brand is known for offering sleep-friendly food offerings. In some ways, it appreciates that if people are going to have a treat before bedtime, it should be a treat that helps with a sound sleep.

As Sean Folkson, Nightfood’s CEO said, “Wellness is a major focus of the hotel industry and today’s modern traveler. Nightfood is a great way for hotels to support guest wellness because nighttime is when cravings peak for calorie-dense foods and when people are most likely to succumb to unhealthy choices.”

Sonesta Hotels will offer Nightfood’s ice cream across Sonesta Select, Sonesta ES Suites and Sonesta Simply Suites managed properties nationwide. This ice cream has less sugar than conventional brands which is considered to help promote a better night’s sleep. While mom might not allow ice cream in bed at home, it might be a special treat while traveling.

While this ice cream might be a treat on that trip, it could become a favorite at home, too. Nightfood ice cream and cookies are available for purchase online.