MTV’s Ex on the Beach Couples exclusive clip: Positive or backhanded compliments?

MTV's Ex on the Beach Couples exclusive clip, photo provided by MTV
MTV's Ex on the Beach Couples exclusive clip, photo provided by MTV /

On MTV’s Ex on the Beach Couples puts the most significant question on the table. Do these couples truly want to commit to each other or are they ready to go their separate ways. A spin off of the series Ex on the Beach, these six couples are willing to put their relationships to the test. In this exclusive clip from the upcoming episode, the couples might be trying to say something positive, but the results might be more of a backhanded compliment.

Reality relationships shows often give a glimpse into issues that plague many people’s real lives. Dealing with an ex or former companion is not necessarily the simplicity portrayed in a Hallmark movie. Although it might not be as extreme as Sex/Life on Netflix, the reality is that interpersonal relationships can be difficult to navigate.

In MTV’s Ex on the Beach Couples, Kamie Crawford, Relationship expert and “Are You the One?” host, looks to be the guiding hand throughout this experience. Whether or not the couples choose to make the commitment to each other remains to be seen. Still, the journey is one that has many people watching week after week.

As seen in this MTV’s Ex on the Beach Couples exclusive clip, tensions are starting to rise yet again.

While people can debate how these moments make for entertaining television, the reality is that the situation happens in real life. Although words matter, they can be interpreted in different ways. The connotation is just as important as the intent expressed. Beyond the fact that some people might not be eloquent, the reality is that people need to think about reactions prior to speaking.

Still, the biggest takeaway from this clip or the show in general is that a committed relationship takes work. Those moments of bliss during the love phase can be not as shiny when life gets real. Whether it is work, building tensions, or just doubts, those feelings cannot be pushed under the sand. At some point, they need to be unburied or the whole relationship foundation is built on quicksand.

What will these six couples finally decide on MTV’s Ex on the Beach Couples? Be sure to watch new episodes on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET or stream on various platforms.