Subway brings back this ultimate food promotion

Subway brings back its Footlong Pass Promotion, photo provided by Subway
Subway brings back its Footlong Pass Promotion, photo provided by Subway /

Over the past several months, Subway has revitalized its brand. From reimagining some of its classic subs to creative spins on other footlong foods, the quick service restaurant appreciates that staying in the forefront of customer’s minds is vital to keeping that brand loyalty. With the return of this ultimate fan food promotion, people will be clicking quickly to be part of the lucky few.

Last year, Subway offered a Footlong Pass. The monthly subscription service launched in August 2022 and 10,000 passes were sold in about six hours. Given the excitement over the special event, the quick service restaurant is bringing back the Subway Footlong Pass.

According to Barb Millette, Senior Director of Loyalty & Gift Cards at Subway, “Subway’s inaugural Footlong Pass showcases all of the things our fans crave from Subway: our footlong subs, everyday value and, of course, exclusive perks for loyalty members. The first 10,000 passes sold out in a matter of hours, and while we have 250,000 available this time around, we expect them to go very quickly.”

For people who are clamoring to get this special pass, it goes on sale at 8 a.m. EST on March 21, 2023. The footlong pass sells for $15 and gives the owner 50% off a footlong sub every day. The offer can be redeemed once per day during April 2023.

While Subway has multiple the number of passes by a huge amount, it is likely that the offer will sell out quickly. Anyone who has a hungry teenager in the house will appreciate the money saved with this promotion. Even if this pass is used a handful of times, it is a big money saver.

Since this promotion is available to Subway MyWay Rewards members, it is another example how brands are leveraging their loyalty programs. Finding ways to keep that connection between guests and brand is vital. Special offers that make the consumer feel part of a group or gives them recognition for their loyalty is becoming a significant part of the quick service restaurant business model.

For now, the Subway Footlong Pass is back. Will you be able to snag this fan food promotion?