Fireball wants fans to wear a red jacket to the greens at Augusta

Fireball red jacket for the Augusta golf tournament, photo provided by Fireball
Fireball red jacket for the Augusta golf tournament, photo provided by Fireball /

Golf fans know that one of the most coveted jackets in sports is the green jacket awarded at the tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Although the green jacket makes a big statement for golf fans, some people might want to stand out while walking the 18 holes. Fireball is offering 10 fans the opportunity to wear a special red jacket and infuse some fiery fun into the traditional golf event.

Although some people might be vocal with a particular word after the tee shot and no one wants to hear fore down the fairway, there are other ways to make a statement on the course. Some golf fashion bold patterns or unlikely color combinations. For those who want to stand out in a crowd, it is possible.

In addition to the fashion choices on the course, some golfers appreciate the camaraderie and celebrations associated with a great round. Beyond the 19th hole food stop, some people enjoy a “Birdie shot” with their four-some. It has brought that cinnamon whiskey to the golf bag. That love of a cinnamon infused sip brought the idea of bringing some red to the greens.

As global brand director for Fireball, Danny Suich said, “When it comes to golf not everyone is destined to wear green, that’s an honor held for a select few. A Fireball Red Jacket, however, comes with something that is arguably more important than honor, it comes with a license to unapologetically enjoy the game, however you choose to play it. We know ‘birdie juice’ is already a frequent participant in many rounds and Fireball’s Red Jackets are our homage to that.”

The special promotion Fireball wants to see some red on those infamous Augusta greens. 10 lucky fans will get $1,000 to wear its custom, tournament-inspired Fireball Red Jackets in Augusta, GA. From the front nine to the 18th hole, the idea is to see red on the course.

Fireball red jacket
Fireball red jacket for the Augusta golf tournament, photo provided by Fireball /

For a chance to win one of these jackets, Fireball fans will need to answer the following question, “why you deserve to wear red by sharing your own Fireball golf tradition in 250 words or less” via the website The contest is open now through March 29, 2023. Winners will be notified by March 31, 2023.

To inspire some people to wax poetic about this special Fireball red jacket, here are some details about the piece. While the jacket is red, it has a custom Fireball patch, monogrammed buttons, inside pocket, a special button, custom signature patch and a vibrant green lining. It will be the golf fashion statement of the tournament.

This special item is just the start of the whiskey brand’s promotions to shake up the golf world. As Suich said, “Fireball amplifies any situation, which is why we’ve set our sights on shaking up the golf world in a way only Fireball could.” It seems like it is time to add a little flare to the links. Today’s golf is not that old school Bushwood country club anymore.