Jet Tila says that keeping this restaurant employee happy is key, interview

Jet Tila for Dawn Professional, photo provided by Dawn
Jet Tila for Dawn Professional, photo provided by Dawn /

Enjoying a great meal at a restaurant is more than just the food on the plate. Although the chef might be celebrated for impeccable flavors, that perfect dinner service does not happen in a vacuum. Jet Tila has been in the restaurant industry for many years. While everyone sees the popular chef on food television and social media, he understands that a successful restaurant is a collective effort, and this restaurant employee needs to be happy.

Recently, Jet Tila partnered with Dawn Professional Heavy Duty Manual Pot and Pan. Although it might not be a glamorous subject, dirty dishes and restaurants are forever tied. While people can talk about the front of the house and the back of the house differences, the dishwasher is essential to keep everything running smoothly. The diner might not put that thought on the table, but the restaurateur understands it.

During a recent conversation with Tila, he talked about his history in restaurants. He said, “my family opened restaurants in the 70s and before that my grandparents had restaurants in China and Thailand. We’ve been in the business for almost 100 years. My first job in all of our business was actually working in the dish pit.”

Tila emphasized that “I think that the dishwashers are the unsung heroes of the restaurants. They are the fundamental piece that keeps it all going.”

Jet Tila for Dawn
Jet Tila for Dawn Professional Heavy Duty Manual Pot and Pan, photo provided by Dawn /

While restaurant industry professionals can appreciate certain machine advancements, the reality is that soap is at the heart of washing dishes. As Tila said, “when you can cut your scrubbing and cleaning time down by 50%, that’s 50% of productivity, which affects a lot of things.”

He went onto explain, “Sometimes our dish guys wash up and do some light prep. Sometimes, they do some other jobs in the restaurant. That change in the dish pit filters down to the bottom line.”

But, it isn’t just a cost benefit analysis. It is about creating better morale amongst restaurant staff. Tila believes, “when a dishwasher walks into their shift, they can walk into a mountain of pots and pans. With a product they trust which also saves time, they are going to be happier.” Not to mention it is less stressful on the body. Overall, it becomes a win for everyone.

While the restaurant industry might be an employees’ market right now, that scenario can be a good thing. Tila believes as an effective restaurateur he needs to create safe and positive working environments. Those entities that can offer that scenario will be competitive.

The next time that the sink is full of dirty dishes and the task seems daunting, think about the restaurant dish washer. If some Dawn Professional Heavy Duty Manual Pot and Pan can make their day a little better, maybe the restauranteur might want to think about making the switch.