Don’t be sorry, Instacart says this Easter candy is hands down the most popular

Ella Amis, 3, sorting her candy after the Easter egg hunt.Dsc 7334
Ella Amis, 3, sorting her candy after the Easter egg hunt.Dsc 7334 /

The Easter Bunny better start filling the basket. While some people might love those egg hunts, the reality is that another egg is what people crave on Easter morning. According to Instacart, the most popular Easter candy is quite clear and no one is sorry about enjoying it.

In a recent Instacart survey, the company found that “92% of those who celebrate plan to buy Easter candy this year.” It seems that Easter and sweet treats go hand in hand.

Although jelly beans might be a traditional offering for the spring holiday, it seems that people prefer chocolate. Looking at the Instacart list, chocolate fills the majority of the top 10 preferences. In some ways, the list features all the classic food choices. From chocolate bunnies to candy eggs, people are staying with traditional, classic choices.

Given that classics are favorites, it makes sense that the Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs are the most popular Easter candy. 29 states pick that option as their hands down favorite. Even if there are new Reese’s bunnies, it seems that nothing is sweeter than those Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs.

Other top candies include Kinder Joy, Cadbury Crème Egg, and Lindt Bunny. Even though sour candies might be favorites with some people, it seems that Easter bunny is focused on chocolate.

Also, Peeps does make the top 10 list. Although this offering can be controversial, it is a classic Easter candy. Given the bounty of new flavors this year, there has to be at least one option that will make people smile. From Dr. Pepper flavored Peeps to those Tropical flavors, it does not have to be the classic marshmallow.

While the most popular Easter candy is clear, some shoppers might want to be thoughtful with those sweet purchases. After all, no one wants to have it around come Fourth of July.

First, it might be smart to shop consciously. For example, instead of being tempted to buy everything in the candy aisle, using Instacart for that Easter basket fun could keep the budget in check. Avoiding that extra impulse purchase can be helpful.

After the fact, consider using the Easter candy in different ways. Those chocolate bunnies can be a serving vessel for chocolate milk (or adults might have a different beverage choice). Also, the chocolate can be melted and used in coffee. Other candy can flavor a milkshake or top a cake. Peeps has a wide range of recipe ideas that transform those marshmallow treats.

What is the biggest takeaway from this Instacart most popular Easter candy survey, the holiday is not complete without something sweet on the table. Ready to go shopping?