Alton Brown suggests these brain boosting breakfast recipes

Alton Brown shares brain boosting breakfast recipes for Neuriva, photo provided by Neuriva
Alton Brown shares brain boosting breakfast recipes for Neuriva, photo provided by Neuriva /

Over the years, the saying, you are what you eat, might have taken on different meanings. While people appreciate that a healthy eating slant can be a bright spot on the table, food is often more than just sustenance. As people appreciate that certain foods can benefit how people feel, some recipes start to incorporate those ingredients more. These brain boosting breakfast recipes from Alton Brown might have more people appreciating the benefits of enjoying a flavorful first meal of the day.

While many people think about immunity, heart health or even just balanced eating, certain foods can have vitamins and minerals that benefit a person’s overall feeling. Whether it is that glass of orange juice which has vitamin C or the folate in a bowl of greens, people understand that getting vitamins and minerals does not have to come just from a multi-vitamin.

Alton Brown has partnered with Neuriva. When this partnership first launched, Brown shared how changes to the food he eats and the supplements he takes has helped him. From a better night’s sleep to feeling mentally sharp, his changes were a benefit to his lifestyle.

Recently, Neuriva shared three Alton Brown brain boosting breakfast recipes. While these dishes might be packed with various nutrients, they taste great. Although many people can appreciate healthy eating, the flavor is what will drive people to keep that recipe on a weekly rotation.

brain boosting recipes from Alton Brown
Alton Brown shares brain boosting breakfast recipes for Neuriva, photo provided by Neuriva /

Brown’s three recipes are Overnight Coconut Oats, Chickpea & Smoked Trout Frittata, and Parsley Salad with Toasted Walnuts. Although overnight oats are a popular breakfast choice, the other items might not be traditionally on the menu. It might be time to think outside of the cereal bowl. While these three items are shown served together, they can be eaten on their own.

Many people will gravitate to the Overnight Coconut Oats. Made with dried fruits, oats, chia seeds, and coconut, it has the sweetness that many people like. At the same time, it is quite hearty. Grandma might have talked about how oatmeal sticks to your ribs, this recipe will satisfy for a long time.

The Frittata is a little more out of the box. While some people enjoy a great frittata at brunch, it is the use of smoked trout that might have people taking a second glance. In some ways, it isn’t too different that smoked salmon at breakfast. More important, the combination of the trout and chickpeas boosts the nutritional complexity of the dish. Plus, with the choline from eggs, it is a vitamin and mineral packed meal.

These brain boosting breakfast recipes and many others can be found on the Neuriva website. And, for anyone who is looking for other ways to benefit brain health, Neuriva has a variety of supplements under its brand.