Lipton listens to fans and brings back a favorite white tea flavor

Lipton White Tea Raspberry returns to fans' delight, photo provided by Lipton
Lipton White Tea Raspberry returns to fans' delight, photo provided by Lipton /

With summer months on the horizon, many people want bright, refreshing beverages. While traditional drinks will always be stocked in the fridge, some flavor twists resonated with consumers. Lipton tea is often a favorite with tea drinkers, but one flavor has been missing from the shelf for a while. Luckily, this white tea flavor is making its triumphant return.

Over the past several years, brands have been listening to fans and their desire to have favorite food back on the shelf or on the menu. It is more than people just lamenting over the inability to satisfy a craving. Each of these statements prove to a company that these customers are loyal. By bringing back a classic or highly popular, the company knows that there is a built-in customer base.

In 2022, Lipton White Tea Raspberry disappeared from store shelves and fans reacted. The comments were full of disbelief. From giving praise to the balanced flavors to the versatility of the beverage, it was a sad day for many when the final bottle was drunk.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending. Lipton is bringing back its White Tea Raspberry flavor. It will now be part of the permanent line.

Lipton White Tea Raspberry
Lipton White Tea Raspberry returns to fans’ delight, photo provided by Lipton /

For those people who might not remember the tea flavor, it is crisp, bright, and refreshing. The raspberry brings a touch of sweetness but does not overpower the delicate white tea flavor. Whether drunk on its own, paired with some backyard barbecue, or transformed with some fresh fruit garnishes, there are plenty of ways to sip on this beverage.

Since many people went to great lengths to showcase their love of the Lipton White Tea Raspberry flavor, the beverage brand is going to celebrate some of those biggest fans. From giving one fan a year’s supply of tea to gifting a gas gift card to offset the 400 miles driven to get those coveted last bottles, it goes to show that true fans can reap rewards.

Everyone can join the celebration of the White Raspberry flavor return. On the brand’s socials, take me back” gift mailers will be given away.

And, if that thirst must be quenched, head to local retailers to see if the bottles have returned to shelves. They will be on the shelf soon.