Aerofarms microgreens bold flavors deserve a heaping handful not just a garnish

Aerofarms micro rainbow mix, photo by Cristine Struble
Aerofarms micro rainbow mix, photo by Cristine Struble /

Sometimes that finishing touch of microgreens on a tasting plate can add more than just a pop of color. From that carefully placed micro cilantro on a ceviche to even a few greens on top of a creamy soup, chefs appreciate that those finishing touches enhance the dish’s flavor. But, it is time to put down the tweezers and pick up the tongs. Aerofarms microgreens deserve a bigger presence on that plate.

Many people appreciate that a salad can be a welcome addition to a healthy eating lifestyle. Beyond a helping of romaine, there are various greens that can fill the plate. With vitamins and minerals in every bite, some people can appreciate that those vegetables can be a better for you eating choice.

Although people might appreciate that they could eat a salad, sometimes that bowl gets boring. When people are not excited about their food choices, they can gravitate toward something easier. The drive-thru window calls and the greens get replaced with the grab and go.

One of the ways to avoid the complacency with food is to focus on big, bold flavors. When the familiar gets a new perspective, it feels exciting, innovative, and craveable.

With the Aerofarms microgreens, the smaller sized greens pack big flavor. From subtle, bright options to a spicy, peppery punch, these offerings prove that microgreens are not just a garnish. They can be the star of the plate.

In the brand’s line, there is a wide variety of options. While the colorful packaging might stand out on the shelf, the colors denote a type of flavor. From zesty to floral and peppery to sweet, the descriptors show that these vegetables can ensure that a dish is far from bland.

Aerofarms microgreens
Aerofarms micro rainbow mix, photo by Cristine Struble /

Since the Aerofarms offerings are meant to be eaten by the handful not the sprig, they can be served as a salad, as a topping on a bowl, or in a myriad of other options. For example, instead of using boring lettuce in a burrito bowl, consider a heaping handful of mixed greens microgreens. Not only does it add another layer of flavor, but the crunchy texture helps to offset all the softness in the bowl.

While these microgreens are great on a sandwich, they are equally as good as a pizza topping. Instead of just a basil leaf with that mozzarella, a handful of arugula microgreens is quite tasty.

Also, the broccoli microgreens are a wonderful addition to a pasta salad. Instead of those big vegetable pieces, the broccoli microgreens have that brightness and crunch in a more approachable way. For parents who might battle the vegetable wars, this ingredient could be a good way to get the family to eat another bite.

Overall, the Aerofarms microgreens should be a staple in the refrigerator. From a simple salad to a topping to even a handful as a snack, there are plenty of uses. The brand is available at Walmart, Fresh Market and other retailers.