New IHOP menu evolves to include more variety at every price level

IHOP new Eggs Benedicts, photo provided by IHOP
IHOP new Eggs Benedicts, photo provided by IHOP /

While that stack of buttermilk pancakes is always tasty, the new IHOP menu puts variety front and center. Given that the clock does not dictate a particular food craving, the popular fast casual restaurant appreciates that diverse food options are important to guest satisfaction. With the new IHOP menu, breakfast, lunch and dinner have numerous food choices that will have guests wanting more.

Menu evolution is important for brands. While some people never vary from the same order over time and again, others prefer to switch it up on every visit. Staying current with food trends is vital for a restaurant’s longevity. It is does not mean that the company strays far from the tried and true. Instead, it finds way to celebrate its niche while bringing the excitement to the table.

Previously, IHOP has brought both new menu items and familiar favorites back to its menu. Given that certain dishes do not have to be enjoyed at a particular time of day, the restaurant brand appreciates that pancakes for dinner or a burrito for breakfast is a personal preference. Sometimes it is important to satisfy that craving when it hits.

Speaking to the new IHOP menu, Kieran Donahue, Chief Marketing Officer, IHOP said, “Starting with the launch of Burritos and Bowls in 2021, IHOP has been on a journey to rethink our menu by leaning into our equity of breakfast. The introduction of our most thoughtful, innovative menu evolution to-date offers new ways to enjoy everyone’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner favorites. Every decision we made for this menu was driven by our guests and their continually evolving feedback and needs so they can enjoy our menu items how they want them, when they want them.”

new IHOP menu includes sweet and savory crepes
New IHOP Crepes, photo provided by IHOP /

What are the new IHOP menu food options?

The new IHOP menu features six new categories. They are Eggs Benedicts, Sweet & Savory Crepes, Ultimate Steakburgers, Fish and Shrimp, Fresh Salads, and Beverages. In addition, Cinn-A-Stack is returning. As seen with the list, the expansion is quite robust.

Looking at the list in total, the menu items are more than just eggs and pancakes. In some ways, the food choices sound more like an elevated brunch than diner food. More importantly, these dishes are value priced, which is a key component for many consumers. Having quality food at an affordable price is vital in today’s marketplace.

Adding Eggs Benedicts to a menu is a bold statement. With several options, IHOP shows that it can elevate its menu without being pretentious. Whether guests want a classic or prefer to kick up the spice level, there is an option that satisfies.

New IHOP menu includes Eggs Benedicts
IHOP new Eggs Benedicts, photo provided by IHOP /

On the other side, the addition of fresh salads is a smart choice for guests who prefer a balanced eating perspective. Sometimes it feels permissible to have that Ultimate Steakburger when it is paired fresh berry salad.

For anyone who hasn’t been to IHOP in a while, it might be time to find a spot in that local booth. No matter the time of day or the craving, that restaurant is serving more than just a short stack to order.