OTR Midori Sour pours a glass of the colorful cocktail trend

OTR Midori Sour, photo provided by OTR
OTR Midori Sour, photo provided by OTR /

Some people enjoy a great cocktail, but combining all those ingredients in a cocktail shaker is not their forte. When that thirst hits while sitting on the couch, one option can be within reach. OTR Premium Cocktails offers the convenience of a cocktail in a bottle without compromising on the craftsmanship. With the new OTR Midori Sour, the vibrant cocktail is just a pour away.

Cocktail trends evolve over time. Whether it is a pop culture moment, like the Cosmopolitan in Sex in the City, or it can be a liquor trend, like spike in bourbon drinkers, some people can put down the beer or wine for a different libation in the glass. Although master mixologists seem to make the perfect cocktail look effortless, it is more than looking up a recipe in The Bartender’s Guide. There is a skill to creating the perfect balance of flavor.

One trend that is coming back across many channels is 80s nostalgia. Beyond people watching Stranger Things and remembering those mall days, the fashion, food, and even cocktails are reappearing. The Midori Sour is seeing that resurgence.

Using the melon liquor Midori, the vibrant green cocktail is more than just its color. Originally called Hermes Melon Liqueur, the name change to Midori appeared thanks to a Saturday Night Fever party at Studio 54. Whether it was the bright color, the party vibe, or just the melon flavor, many people were ready to toast to the Midori Sour.

For those unfamiliar with the flavor, Midori is a melon forward liquor. It combines two types of Japanese melons, muskmelon and Yubari. While the Midori Sour might be a well-known cocktail that uses the liquor, “The Universe,” which won first prize in the 1978 United States Bartenders’ Guild annual competition, is quite refreshing.

When OTR decided to launch the OTR Midori Sour, it shook up the conversation on ready to drink cocktails. From embracing the 80s trend to giving drinkers another option in their glass, it will quickly become a must try.

OTR Midori Sour
OTR Midori Sour, photo provided by OTR /

According to Rocco Milano, co-founder and global brand ambassador, OTR Premium Cocktails, “With OTR Midori Sour, we are paying homage to the iconic cocktails that shaped 1980’s nightlife by tapping into Beam Suntory’s rich portfolio. As Beam Suntory is the originator of this iconic liquid, it’s exciting to bring it back to life in this new format. OTR cocktails are all about finding the balance and flavor that gives you an experience that’s greater than the sum of its parts, and our OTR Midori Sour is no exception.”

Given that this cocktail is ready to pour, there are a few ideas that can make the drinking experience even more enjoyable. Of course, a cherry garnish is classic. Also, a lemon wedge can highlight the brightness in the cocktail. For an elevated twist, why not freeze a lemon twist in an ice cube for a picture-perfect presentation.

While the OTR Midori Sour is only a limited time offering, it shows how the brand wants to capture cocktail trends. Since many people have come to trust the brand, they are willing to try another beverage, even if it is one that they do not commonly order.

The OTR Midori Sour is available in select markets, for a limited time. It is sold in 375 ml and 200 ml bottles with a 20% ABV.

From Spring holidays to even a simple night at home, chill a bottle of OTR Midori Sour and toast to life’s zest. Isn’t it time to push some flavor boundaries?