Lee Kum Kee adds spicy and satisfying Sriracha Milk for a limited time

Sriracha Milk, photo provided by Lee Kum Kee
Sriracha Milk, photo provided by Lee Kum Kee /

For spice lovers, there is no limit to their devotion to the love of flavor. It is more a dash on some eggs at breakfast. In some ways, it can be part of everything. From plate to bowl to cup, why can’t it be everyone. Thanks to Lee Kum Kee and its very limited edition Sriracha Milk, it is time to bring the spice and flavor to the milk category.

Many people have expanded their milk preferences. Oat, almond and now sriracha can be part of that latte, smoothie or even cereal bowl. For anyone who wants to be part of the hottest trend, it is the cartoon to pour.

Looking at the milk category, no one has captured the spice option. Sure, oatmilk is smooth, but sriracha milk can have people getting a little hot under the collar. It is more than just about that perfect balance.

Given that Lee Kum Kee has 135-year heritage, people can trust this special, very limited time offering. Many people have turned to the brand for its bold, Asian sauces for flavoring their favorite dishes. Now, it is time to bring that complexity to the milk category.

Sriracha Milk
Sriracha Milk, photo provided by Lee Kum Kee /

According to the brand, the Sriracha Milk features “a blend of chili pepper paste, vinegar, garlic, sugar, salt and 1% low fat milk.” Just think of this milk added to coffee. It would make that olive oil conversation go away.

What about a bigger, bolder milkshake. Sure, there has been hot sauce and ice cream before, but why should the sweet and spicy fun stop there.

More importantly, it could amp up many dishes that use milk but are bland. Why just have pasta when you can have a spicier, creamer sauce. What about those mashed potatoes. The options are many.

Lee Kum Kee says the suggested retail price is $4.39. The very, very limited edition Sriracha Milk is available on April 1. Check www.LKK.com or the brand’s socials for more information.