Subaru drives into a new lane with Subaru Forager Granola

Subaru Forager Granola, photo provided by Subaru
Subaru Forager Granola, photo provided by Subaru /

Many people appreciate that a road trip requires food. Whether it is a great snack or a refreshing beverage, many people hunger for something to munch on while enjoying that ultimate road playlist. Subaru just announced an unexpected food offering, Subaru Forager Granola and many people are curious about this new limited edition’s snack flavor.

Subaru of America wants to be More Than a Car Company. To kick off April, the brand has launched all-new Subaru Forager Granola. While no one had ever thought, expected, or even dreamt of this offering, it seems that it is driving off the lot on April 1.

According to the brand, the Subaru Forager Granola is meant for “life’s crunchiest pursuits.” While there might be a crumb or two spilt in between the driver seat and the console, the very unique taste is worth getting the vacuum out for clean-up. After all, some people might have to clean the car mats from all the mud accumulated during great outdoor adventure.

Moe Muesli, Head of Texture and Granularity at Subaru of America, Inc. Shared, “At Subaru, we’re committed to being More Than a Car Company, and now, we are literally More Than a Car Company, because we’re making granola. We know Subaru drivers have a reputation for being ‘crunchy,’ and now we have a snack that is as crunchy – or perhaps crunchier – than they are.”

Subaru Forager Granola
Subaru special food offering, Forager Granola /

Although this proprietary recipe might be unlike any other offering on the shelf, people can expect fruits, nuts, whole grains and a sense of food adventure. After all, the open road holds limitless exploration, but it can only be enjoyed a handful at a time. Those pit stops can be reinvigorating and much better than any pothole.

While this idea might have many people talking, the release might take a little longer. Currently, it is not available in stores, at Subaru deals, or really anywhere on the open road. It makes sense since the announcement comes on April 1.