New TGI Friday Big AF Burgers menu requires a massive appetite

TGI Fridays Is Going Bigger Than Ever Before with the All-New Big AF Burgers Lineup
TGI Fridays Is Going Bigger Than Ever Before with the All-New Big AF Burgers Lineup /

Enjoying a meal at a restaurant can come with a little extra on the plate. It isn’t to say that some people totally derail those balanced eating choices, but the meal might be more robust than the typical at home dinner. The new TGI Friday Big AF Burgers menu combines burgers and appetizers into one gigantic bite.

To make a burger different, restaurants need to think outside of the plate. While bold flavors are important, there needs to be something new, different, and in this case, bigger. Before the order arrives, the table better have a plan to attack this food.

Speaking to the new food items, Tiffany Wilburn, VP of Marketing at TGI Fridays said, “At Fridays, we’re always thinking about menu innovation and how we can create the best possible experience for our guests, and the new Big AF Burgers lineup is just one of the ways we are continuing to go bigger – literally and metaphorically.”

The five New TGI Friday Big AF Burgers start with a six-ounce patty and build on it. In addition to the traditional burger toppings, a signature TGI Fridays signature appetizer sits on top of the bun. It is like two meals on one plate.

The five burgers are Buffalo Wingman Burger, Fridays Signature Whiskey-Glaze Blaze Burger, Philly Cheesesteak Burger, Southwest Tornado Twists Burger, and Nashville Hot Chicken with Fries. While it is a burger menu, it is good to have a chicken option. Sometimes guests want more than another side of beef.

TGI Friday Big AF Burgers
TGI Fridays Is Going Bigger Than Ever Before with the All-New Big AF Burgers Lineup /

The biggest food offering is definitely the Fridays Signature Whiskey-Glaze Blaze Burger. With some ribs perched on top of the bun, it is a meat lovers dream come true. Although there are the traditional toppings, the addition of jalapeno helps to add a depth of flavor. That little bit of spice can help cut through all the richness.

Another top choice will be the Philly Cheesesteak burger. While queso might be different than traditional cheese whiz, it is the addition of the Philly Cheesesteak Egg Roll that makes this dish a winner. It goes to show favorite flavors can be served in many ways.

All five burgers are served with a double serving of fries or Southwest Potato Twists. Maybe there is some spicy ketchup waiting to amplify the flavor, too.

The new TGI Fridays Big AF Burgers are available now through June 5. Check with local restaurants for availability. The burgers can be enjoyed in restaurant, picked up to-go, or delivered.