Ready to book the Vrbo home featured on Top Chef World All Stars?

VRBO Leeds vacation rental featured on Top Chef World All Stars, photo provided by VRBO
VRBO Leeds vacation rental featured on Top Chef World All Stars, photo provided by VRBO /

Top Chef World All Stars has been showcasing various locations throughout London. On Top Chef Season 20 episode 5, the chef-testants head to Leeds for a festive family holiday meal. While the challenge might be filled with emotions, fans will be interested to know that they could step into that kitchen by booking the Vrbo home featured in this episode.

Although many people long to enjoy some of the food featured on Top Chef, another option has become available through Top Chef World All Stars. While the winning chef of the Vrbo elimination challenge received $10,000 to use anywhere in the world, fans can book the actual home where the chef-testants cooked and served their food.

Located in Leeds, the house is a dream for the ultimate food lover. From the modern open-plan kitchen to the custom-made dining table that seats 20, it is the perfect spot for the Top Chef inspired feast.

VRBO Leeds vacation rental featured on Top Chef World All Stars,
VRBO Leeds vacation rental featured on Top Chef World All Stars, photo provided by VRBO /

Although the stunning location does not guarantee perfectly cooked food in in the kitchen, it does provide a stunning setting. For anyone who wants to step into their favorite food television show experience, this vrbo property is the perfect opportunity.

As Katie White, VP, Marketing and Content Partnerships, NBCUniversal Advertising & Partnerships said, “Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’ truly offers brands the most unique opportunities to tap into our viewers various passion points. Travel and food are one in the same – they are connectors of culture – it’s almost impossible to have one without the other, and so teaming up with Vrbo for this special integrated challenge was a match made in the kitchen. At NBCU, we’re constantly finding ways to transform the idea of integrated advertising and how it can be elevated and as interesting as the content itself. Even in its milestone 20th season, ‘Top Chef’ is bringing fans fresh, new content – and with partners like Vrbo, a seamless and tangible way to further connect with this iconic culinary competition.”

Top Chef World All-Stars has been featuring various brand partnerships throughout the season. In a previous episode, the Ritz Quickfire challenge showcases how a single bite can be the bridge between cultures. More importantly, that one recipe offered fans an opportunity to bring the flavors featured on the show into their own kitchen. One bite can further deepen the fan connection to Top Chef.

With this Vrbo Top Chef connection, it is an opportunity for fans to have their real experience just like they saw on food television. It is more than sitting at one of the chef’s restaurants. It is like putting themselves in the recent episode. Maybe it could be their next family holiday.

For anyone who wants to step into this Leeds Vrbo vacation property, it can be reserved online. The average nightly price is around $2,000 and the house sleeps 24. While it has a chef’s kitchen, the perfect meal is at the discretion of the guests. No chef is provided with the rental.