Flavorful, memorable, and refreshing reasons to visit Sebring Florida

Visit Sebring, photo by Cristine Struble
Visit Sebring, photo by Cristine Struble /

While many people head to the Sunshine state for its beaches, theme parks, and natural wonders, some people do not venture beyond a small circle. For those willing to get in the car and explore, it is time to visit Sebring Florida and discover the little gem that should bubble to the top of the getaway list.

Some people might be familiar with Sebring Florida because of the annual Twelve Hours of Sebring. The special event draws racing teams from across the globe. The multi-day event is always sold out. But, there are more than a few days of fast driving that is a reason to spend a few days in the Southern Florida escape.

Each Spring, Sebring hosts is annual Sebring Soda Festival. Held around the downtown circle it is a celebration of both the area and soda’s flavor diversity. While everyone can sample a plethora of known and unknown soda offerings, it is more than just a bevy of refreshments. It showcases local vendors, performances and more.

Sebring Soda Festival,
Sebring Soda Festival, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

Still, the soda is the biggest draw. Guests can pick their favorites from all the offerings. Whether they pick a regional favorite like a Sprecher root beer or choose to go a little out of the box with a Unicorn offering, it can spark a fun food debate while strolling the circle. More importantly, maybe someone will devise the ultimate food and beverage pairing that no one expected.

For visitors who do not arrive during the annual Sebring Soda Festival, Sebring Soda Shop and Ice Cream Works has one of the largest assortments of bottled soda anywhere. From old school favorites that people might remember from their childhood to exotic flavors, it would take weeks to try them all. If guests are looking for a recommendation, just ask the staff for some of their favorite bottles.

Sebring Florida soda shop
Sebring Soda Show, Sebring, Florida, photo by Cristine Struble /

While the soda offerings can quench a thirst for all ages, a stop at Mon Cirque Wine Bar is for the adults. The whimsical spot might have a visually intriguing décor, the wine and beer selection is more impressive. From classic wines to unique ones, the staff is happy to have a spirited conversation over a glass. Whether people stay for just a sip or linger longer, it should not be missed.

Throughout the downtown area, there are plenty of places to explore. From the Organically Local to Dee’s Place, there is always a smiling face ready to welcome hungry guests to the table.

Sebring Florida Maxwell's House of Fruit
Maxwell’s House of Fruit, Sebring, Florida, photo by Cristine Struble /

In addition to Downtown Sebring, there are plenty of other spots to explore throughout the area. From the Inn on the Lakes and its Chicanes Restaurant & Bar to Maxwell Groves Country Store with its bright and refreshing orange ice cream, a weekend in this hidden Florida gem is a memorable getaway.

Next time someone mentions a beach, theme park or other Florida locale, consider a trip to the hidden gem of Sebring Florida and discover the authentic flavor of the Sunshine State.