Why was Sasquatch spotted at The Masters?

Jack Link's Sasquatch at the Masters, photo provided by Jack Link's
Jack Link's Sasquatch at the Masters, photo provided by Jack Link's /

While only one person can earn that coveted green jacket, there was another unlikely appearance at The Masters. Jack Link’s Sasquatch was all over the greens. The Jack Link’s mascot ensured Keegan Bradley never got hangry when that shot went array. Could it be time to upgrade that snack beyond the links?

Although the green jacket has been given to The Masters champion, there are still moments on the links that have people talking. Beyond a tree falling on the fairway and all the rain, there was another appearance that few people expected, Jack Link’s Sasquatch.

In Keegan Bradley’s golf bag, there was a snackable head over on his 3 wood. The Sasquatch head over was fitted with a mouth pouch. Whenever the mood struck, he could grab a favorite jerky straight from his bag. It might not have been one of those infamous pimento sandwiches, but it can keep the hangry away.

Jack Link's Sasquatch
Jack Link’s Sasquatch at the Masters, photo provided by Jack Link’s /

The special head cover was available for purchase online at jacklinks.com after the tournament finished.

Jack Link’s has been pushing the conversation forward recently. While The Masters appearance was unexpected, it recently released two new flavors in partnership with Frito-Lay iconic brands Doritos and Cheetos. The Frito-Lay crossover excited snack fans to get that first taste.

The Jack Link’s Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili flavored and Flamin’ Hot flavored have come to the Original beef jerky and meat sticks. While all the Frito-Lay brands are finding innovative ways to keep people snacking, it is more than just adding to the line without direction. As Leslie Vesper, vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay, said “We know our snack fans are loyal to the iconic flavors we’ve created across our Frito-Lay brands, so this is the perfect opportunity to bring bold flavors in a new form. I can’t wait for jerky and meat stick lovers to experience these new products that will take their taste buds to the next dimension of snacking.”

Adding more boldly flavored snacks seem to continue the spicy trend that is clear across Frito-Lay products. Even though the extreme heat options have been tamed slightly, bland can sometimes be labeled boring. Given that Jack Link’s is far from boring, these new offerings will bring excitement to the snacking station.

In addition, spicy snacks can help keep portion control. It can be harder to scarf down too many servings when the heat is part of every bite.

The new Jack Link’s Frito-Lay cross over flavors can be purchased online and at various retailers. Check with each location for availability and pricing.