Ciao House season premiere will make everyone hungry for a taste of Tuscany

The judges deliberate, as seen on Ciao House Season 1
The judges deliberate, as seen on Ciao House Season 1 /

The Ciao House season premiere is going to be the next must watch show. As the newest Food Network show to debut, hosts and judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Gabe Bertaccini will bring both a sense of hospitality and a stern hand to this culinary competition. While this newest show is a slight departure from other Food Network shows, it could have many people ready to pack their bags for a taste of Tuscany. Can these chefs handle the cooking pressure and living together?

Looking at some of the most popular Food Network competitions, they often involve well-known chefs battling it out in a high stakes competition. Whether it is Tournament of Champions, Grudge Match or another show, once the scores are read, everyone goes their separate ways. When chefs have to live and cook against each other, the situation becomes heighted.

On the new Ciao House, the unique locale coupled with the ultimate can change how the game is food competition game is played. There could be some strategy in cooking their way to the top.

Ciao House season premiere
The judges deliberate, as seen on Ciao House Season 1 /

According to Food Network, the Ciao House season premiere features the following:

"Hosts and judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Gabe Bertaccini welcome 10 talented chefs to Ciao House, where they will live together in a beautiful Tuscan villa and be tested like never before on their proficiency with Italian cuisine. Two chefs receive a huge advantage going into the next round, and one chef must say “Ciao Ciao” to the villa."

While the setting might be picturesque, the feedback might not be quite as subtle. Alex Guarnaschelli has never mixed words when it comes to calling out chefs on a poorly executed dish. It seems unlikely that the Tuscany locale will change that sentiment.

Although some Food Network viewers might not be familiar with these chefs, all the contestants have the talent and experience to win the competition. While they might be able to impress with flavor and technique, each chef will need to navigate their relationships with the fellow chefs. No one wants to have a target on their back.

How will the Food Network competition unfold? The Ciao House season premiere will air at 9 p.m. EST on Sunday, April 16 and will be able to stream on discovery+.