Pure Leaf celebrates the subtle sweetness of Lower Sugar Iced Teas

"As Seen on Pure Leaf" with Coco Jones, photo provided by Pure Leaf
"As Seen on Pure Leaf" with Coco Jones, photo provided by Pure Leaf /

From a sunny day to a cozy afternoon watching a favorite show, the simple sipping satisfaction of a Pure Leaf Iced Tea is delightful. Over the years, the brand has celebrated the concept saying no to the extras and saying yes to putting yourself first. With the new Pure Leaf Lower Sugar Iced Teas campaign featuring Coco Jones, the sweetest responses are waiting to be poured.

Pure Leaf has inspired many people by celebrating that power of no. Although it can be hard to stand your ground, having your voice heard or going against the flow is vital for personal well-being. Even the most amicable person should not let others take advantage. There is power in that two-letter word, no.

With the latest Pure Leaf campaign that celebrates its Lower Sugar Iced Teas, Coco Jones stars in an in-faux-mercial that might be more helpful than any other late night programming. Check out the video.

As Julie Raheja-Perera, General Manager, North America, Pepsi Lipton Partnership said, “The tongue-in-cheek in-faux-mercial style of this spot is the perfect platform to promote our real brewed Subtly Sweet line of Lower Sugar Iced Teas. It can be hard to say ‘no’ in the face of pressure to be extra sweet – in tea and in life. With this campaign, we hope to help individuals find the confidence to say ‘no’ with fun, subtly sweet ways to communicate that message.”

While the promotion is sweet, the Lower Sugar Iced Teas are full of flavor yet skip the unnecessary extras. A well-brewed tea does not need sugar to mask the flavors. When the flavor, or the message, matters it is best to get to focus on one thing and skip the superfluous.

Although the promotion is humorous, the heart of the matter is that Pure Leaf encourages everyone to embrace that power of saying no. Whether it is too much sugar in the glass, taking on a task that you do not want to do, or telling someone that their ambitious project never should have come to life, it is time to take a gulp and speak the truth. It might take the mouth a little dry, but that Pure Leaf beverage is chilled and waiting.