Peace Hard Tea has everyone feeling the love for creative beverage flavors

Peace Hard Tea, photo provided by Peace Tea
Peace Hard Tea, photo provided by Peace Tea /

Sometimes a beverage can unite people. Instead of focusing on flavors that are divisive or fit into a particular niche, a broader appeal can make one option the perfect quencher for that thirst. A collaboration between Molson Coors and Coca Cola, Peace Hard Tea is that refreshment.

Currently, hard tea is having a moment. Across a plethora of brands, the hard seltzer with its crisp fizziness is taking a back seat to the sweet, refreshing tea flavor. Although it is not the sun tea that grandma made or the “boosted” tea that maybe grandpa sipped, these beverages are perfect for a day at the lake, a backyard barbecue, or just the end of the day moment to unwind.

Joining the beverage shelf in September 2023, Peace Hard Tea celebrates natural flavors, no added colors, and classic flavors that are quite approachable. Specifically, the three flavors are Freedom of Peach, Really Really Rassy, and More Peace More Lemon. Although the names might be a little playful, the flavors are straight to the point. It takes classic flavored tea flavors and gives them a little boost.

Peace Hard Tea
Peace Hard Tea, photo provided by Peace Tea /

Looking at the three flavors, the More Peace More Lemon might be the most approachable of the three offerings. The zesty notes from the lemon brighten that classic iced tea flavor. While there is a little extra since it is a hard iced tea, it is the beverage that could pair with almost everything on the table. Whether it is a burger or a bahi mi, it is the classic offering that is always refreshing.

The Really Really Rassy might be the fun flavor of the three. That sweet yet tart offering is enjoyable whether it is paired with food or enjoyed on its own. For a little added twist, consider blending this flavor with some vanilla ice cream for a boozy shake that is the perfect ending to a meal.

No matter the preferred flavor, the Peace Hard Tea can fit any situation. It will be available in 24oz single cans starting in September 2023. Check with local convenience stores for availability.