Seaworld Orlando Viva La Musica food celebrates bold Latin flavors

Selection of cocktails at SeaWorld Orlando, photo provided by SeaWorld Orlando
Selection of cocktails at SeaWorld Orlando, photo provided by SeaWorld Orlando /

While many people are counting down the days to the first ride on the Pipeline  Surf Coaster, May is heating up to be a busy month for the popular Orlando theme park. Seaworld Orlando Viva La Musica food and beverage offerings hit a high note with all the guests.

Across two weekend, SeaWorld Orlando will welcome popular Latin music superstars to the stage. The Latin festival runs May 13-14 and May 20-21. The special performances include Rey Ruiz, Grupo Mania, Jon Secada, and Melina Leon.

While many people will want prime seating for the concerts, it is the special food and beverage offerings that bring the flavor to the limited time event. This year, there are five all-new food and drink huts that will offer authentic Latin-inspired offerings.

Speaking to the food and beverage offerings, SeaWorld Orlando Chef Jomar Rios said, “This year’s Viva La Musica celebration features unique dishes from numerous Latin countries and cultures around the world. From Puerto Rico’s world famous mofongo to refreshing ceviche from Peru and so much more. While curating this unique gastronomical experience, I dove into some typical dishes and added my own unique spin to allow guests to explore different tastes.”

The food and beverage offerings include Bacalaitos, Arepas de Pabellon, Papa a la Huancaina, Pisco Sour, and 21Seeds Tequila tasting. Looking at the offerings, they bring authentic flavor while still be approachable to a large group.

The Arepas offerings showcase its versatility. The combination of carne mechada, sweet plantain, black beans and salsa tartara hits all the flavor notes. While there is a touch of heat, the flavor is still approachable. No one will have to go running for a big glass of water, nor will it inhibit that next ride on Ice Breaker.

The 21Seeds Tequila Tasting is an elevated choice for SeaWorld. While beer or wine flights can be found at food festivals, this concept showcases how tequila is more than just that simple shot with a lime chaser.

21 Seeds Tequila is founded by three women. The smooth, fun tequila has seen huge growth for the female founded brand. The company might have filled a gap for women drinkers, but the tequila is not just for woman. The various tequila selections have intriguing flavors like cucumber and orange. Whether sipped on their own or used in a cocktail, it is definitely time to enjoy this tequila.

Seaworld Orlando Viva La Musica food proves that the Orlando theme park is ready to raise the bar on its food and beverage offerings. Isn’t it time to make plans in May?