Miller Lite Athletic Club collection brings a taste of the 80s back

Miller Lite Athletic Club Collection, photo provided by Miller Lite
Miller Lite Athletic Club Collection, photo provided by Miller Lite /

While the iconic tagline, great taste less filling, might instantly make a few people thirsty for that sip of Miller Lite, that craving for nostalgia has taken over the food world. From the bold 90s colors to a touch of the 80s, that look back is seen in a whole new light. With the Miller Lite Athletic Club collection, the 80s looks feel like a celebration of a Miller Time moment to remember.

Certain beers are classics. Even if some people enjoy that hoppy IPA or prefer a robust malty ale, there is always a time and place for a light lager. Whether it is the backyard barbecue where people might prefer to have more than one beer or enjoying a cold one while watching the game, Miller Lite has and will continue to be that classic beer that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime and with anything.

Created in partnership with vintage sportswear purveyor Mitchell & Ness, the new Miller Lite Athletic Club collection celebrates that rich beer history with a little 80s vibe. While some might describe the looks as vintage, it is more than just a step back in time. It feels current and ready for that next outing with friends.

Miller Lite Athletic Club
Miller Lite Athletic Club Collection, photo provided by Miller Lite /

The limited edition sportswear collection features the following pieces:

  • Stacked Athletic Club Tee – $48.00
  • Lite Crest Crewneck (Heather Gray) – $80.00
  • Lite Crest Joggers (Athletic Heather) – $80.00
  • Lite Athletic Club Windbreaker (Navy) – $100.00
  • Lite Athletic Club Nylon Snapback (Navy) – $35.00

Whether these items are worn to the game, a bigger event, or just an easy dinner, the options are many. The looks are comfortable, yet stylish. Plus, each option makes it clear that the beer in that glass is the one and only Miller Lite.

Overall, this new food fashion collection captures that sentiment which has guided Miller Lite for a long time. Good times with great friends are where memories are made. It might be in a bar, on the field or even just sitting in the backyard. When fun is meant to be had, no one should be sitting on the bench.

The Miller Lite Athletic Club collection is available online, while supplies last. Just remember to drink responsibly and try not to spill on that new outfit.