Resy invites guests to explore their Reservationships one dining experience at a time

Resy helps diners make Reservationships, photo provided by Resy
Resy helps diners make Reservationships, photo provided by Resy /

From a romantic evening for two or boisterous night out with friends, the combination of the right locale with a delicious forkful of food creates instant memories. Sometimes the pressure to get all those components right can feel overwhelming. When it all comes together, those “Reservationships” are memories to cherish and Resy is waiting to help make those moments happen.

After tables sat empty for far too long, many people are ready and willing to snap up every available seat. While people can debate on the best day of the week to go out or the change in dining times, the reality is that people enjoy that night out.

In turn, the desire to have that memorable moment is creating some pressure. According to Resy, about half of all diners are worried about getting that great reservation. It is more than FOMO of that social media gawking. Whether it is a first date or a weekly gathering, diners want their Reservationships to last forever.

As Hannah Kelly, Chief Marketing Officer at Resy commented, “Reservations have become cultural currency and Resy is at the center of it. This new brand platform, Reservationships, highlights, celebrates and cultivates deeper connections between guests and restaurants. When you have a ‘Reservationship’ with Resy you get intel on restaurant openings, access to events, tips for where to go and how to get in and the inside track to restaurants is unlocked.”

To celebrate the new platform, Resy is hosting a New York City pop-up on May 3. The special event will feature reservation match makers that will help everyone make that prefect reservation. From the vibe for the pre-dinner drink to the sultry dessert course in the perfectly lit booth, there is a place to fulfill everyone’s desire.

While this special event is focused on New York City, the brand is not limited to just one location. The platform has restaurants all over. Even if a few of the campaign phrases are a little punny, the reality is the sentiment is what diners want. Yes, the reservation is the occasion. No one has to wait for a birthday, anniversary, or graduation to make plans. Thursday is just as important as Valentine’s Day. This campaign encourages everyone to make the time, embrace the plan, and enjoy the moment.

Are you ready for your Reservationship? Resy is waiting to help make that first step towards a flavorful memory.