Simple brain boosting breakfast recipe ideas to help with school exams

Walnut Chia Overnight Oats, photo provided by California Walnuts
Walnut Chia Overnight Oats, photo provided by California Walnuts /

While many parents worry about the summer slide, students feel the pressures of exam season. From the high school AP tests to university exams before earning that degree, recalling all the information learned over the year can be daunting. Although there might be butterflies in the stomach, some brain boosting breakfast recipe ideas might soothe the nerves and have those synapses firing for a quick response. Ready to put these dishes on the table during exam week?

Food can be more than just satisfying a hunger. Although many people appreciate that when a craving hits, it is more than just a desire to put a fork full of food into the mouth. There can be a reason why that juicy steak tastes so good or that whiff of a freshly peeled orange is so satisfying.

In addition, many people understand that certain foods have healthy eating qualities. From boosting moods to assisting brain health, choosing the better food for a particular occasion is important. For example, eating a big ice cream sundae before running a 5K might not result in the most efficient run time.

Recently, California Walnuts research showed that students who ate raw walnuts had improvements in their mental health, less academic stress, and some better sleep scores. In addition, the Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging reported that walnuts could help improve memory, concentration and information processing. Based on those findings, walnuts might need to be part of exam time food menu.

brain boosting breakfast recipe walnut chia overnight oats
Walnut Chia Overnight Oats, photo provided by California Walnuts /

Brain boosting breakfast recipe ideas featuring walnuts

Being prepared for the AP test, final exam, or other test is not limited to just cramming all night to absorb one more morsel of knowledge. Even if that caffeine jolt might help to keep the eyes open, better food choices can be that spark to make the knowledge flow onto the page.

Given the brain boosting benefits of walnuts, California Walnuts have shared some tasty and easy brain boosting breakfast recipe ideas that can make exam season better. Sometimes it can be as simple as a good breakfast to make that nervousness seem a little less overwhelming.

Overnight oats have become a popular breakfast item. It makes the morning less stressful when food is ready to go. The Walnut Chia Overnight Oats recipe has a sweetness from the maple and vanilla yet is hearty with the California Walnuts and oats. When there are just minutes to spare, this on-the-go option goes to the top of the class.

Also, California Walnuts has other overnight oats recipes, like a banana bread inspired option. Or add some walnuts to a personal favorite recipe for a little boost.

Special of energy, the Maple Walnut Energy Balls are perfect for that long day. Whether it is the student who gets time and a half to take that finale or the day where there are back to back tests, this easy, no-bake dish is the instant pick me up. Plus, the Maple Walnut Energy Balls have a great balance of texture which leads to eating satisfaction.

While these ideas are perfect for breakfast, there are plenty California Walnuts recipes on its website. From snack time to dinner to even dessert, there are plenty of ways to add that walnut boost to a dish. It might not guarantee a perfect score on a test, but it could be the little extra to get one more answer correct.