Lobos 1707 Tequila Mezcal and Old El Paso encourage everyone to gather at the table, exclusive

Lobos 1707 Tequila Mezcal and Old El Paso are ready to build a bigger table, photo provided by Lobos 1707
Lobos 1707 Tequila Mezcal and Old El Paso are ready to build a bigger table, photo provided by Lobos 1707 /

A simple phrase can mean more than just a handful of words. Ahead of this year’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations, Lobos 1707 Tequila Mezcal and Old El Paso decided to join forces on a simple concept that can have a bigger impact beyond just a delicious meal. The concept, “build a bigger table,” is meant to bring people together over food, beverages, and conversation. It can be simple, robust, or just spontaneous. Regardless of the moment, it is the lasting impression that fosters a community that longs to gather again.

As part of this partnership launch, FoodSided spoke with Diego Osorio, Lobos 1707 Founder and Chief Creative Officer. The celebrated tequila company honors the tradition in the craft while appreciating the evolving story shared at the table.

While this Lobos 1707 and Old El Paso event starts with Cinco de Mayo, it is only one chapter in the story. The celebration continues through the Summer of Lobos. In many ways, that larger story captures the evolution of the American Cinco de Mayo celebration. Celebrating community and culture makes a robust conversation both around and beyond the table.

When asked about the Lobos 1707 partnership with Old El Paso, Diego Osorio shared how the concept came to fruition. He said, “I was connected to Old El Paso through our connection to partnerships we have done with LeBron’s Foundation, “I Promise” I often bike with Maverick Carter and he though to make the introduction as Old El Paso aligns with Lobos 1707, because both companies have an intention of bringing people together through sit down experiences with food/drinks, building a bigger table with Old El Paso people – shared love for heritage + tacos, tequila.”

To kick off the partnership, there is an invite only event in Miami. Osorio commented, “We are excited to bring this partnership to Miami and build a bigger table alongside the Old El Paso team for F1 during Cinco de Mayo. It is going to be a lot of fun for those that join and will be our opportunity to introduce Lobos 1707’s rich heritage to the Miami community.”

From Cinco de Mayo to just Sunday dinner, the idea of gathering around the table is vital to building a community. As many people appreciate, family can be defined in many ways and a plate of food can offer that connection.

Speaking to the idea of a “build a bigger table,” Osorio appreciates that food can be a unifier. He believes that “with every meal, food and drinks are the conduit for memories and a reason for you to sit down with conversation and make memories, you will always remember who you were with. Sitting with people that you don’t know sharing your experiences with each other, is a milestone to opening the door to those memories made with others – Draymond Green is someone whom I have a memorable experience sharing a dinner with during a Lobos private dinner, he is one of our investors and partners for Lobos and we first met through Maverick Carter. He is known for having a tough persona on the court, but he has one of the biggest hearts and is one of the smartest people.”

Lobos 1707 Tequila Mezcal and Old El Paso
Lobos 1707 Tequila Mezcal and Old El Paso are ready to build a bigger table, photo provided by Lobos 1707 /

Whether people have known commonalities before they sit at the table or discover a bond after spending time over a meal, those food and beverages can be the spark to create that connection. Given that Lobos 1707 has a robust line, the variety lends itself to a variety of food and beverage pairings.

When asked about some of his preferences, Osorio said, “Lobos 1707’s Joven Tequila is my go-to bottle for any occasion, especially during the day for mixing cocktails in our Lobos Spicy Pineapple Margarita with friends and tacos for a backyard get together. On special occasions, I typically transition to our Lobos 1707 Extra Anejo, paired with an elevated meal such as a steak taco or ribeye.”

While there can be various food and beverage pairings, it is thinking about the whole experience when it comes to enjoying a great meal. The visual cannot be forgotten. From the bottle to the food on the table, that image conveys a sentiment.

Osorio said, “for me as a filmmaker – the visual art form is everything because 80% of communication is nonverbal. In my house we do bbq’s grilling, steaks, baked potatoes with salads, where even the most simple meals can be made compelling. Intentionally, we sip our Lobos 1707 Joven Tequila during the day in cocktail pitchers, then move to our elevated bottles of Reposado or Extra Anejo on the rocks. In my house, everyone gets to choose what variation they are sipping.”

Lobos 1707 tequila group sho
Lobos 1707 Tequila portfolio, photo provided by Lobos 1707 /

Although Cinco de Mayo might have some people thinking of enjoying a tequila and a plate of robust flavored food, the reality is that the holiday is more than just a time to enjoy a particular flavor of food. The day is a moment to reflect on Mexican culture, heritage, and community. Even for those who might not be as familiar, the day can spark a conversation on personal heritage, regardless of background.

Osorio believes, “I am no one to speak upon people’s experiences – knowing about others heritage make you appreciate the rich history that gave today’s world so much. Specifically looking back on the history of tacos, they were invented and driven by women, this is a part of the rich history that people are unaware of, people today think of tacos as street food and there is so much more to it. Tacos come from a pack of women creating something new and bringing it to the boarders across the world, there’s a lot to say about taking the time to learn about the heritage and Cinco is a great reason to immerse yourself in the rich history of the culture. As the Founder of Lobos 1707 Tequila, educating those around me, especially on the history of what women have brought to this world, is important to me, as I want to ensure the women involved with our brand are empowered through our work.”

While the history of the taco might come from Mexico, similar stories can be discovered throughout cultures. Although some people might focus on the differences, the real story is more of similarity and inclusion. In some ways, the focus on the partnership, “build a bigger table,” is pulling out the chair to have those conversations and find those commonalities.

Osorio shared, “one of the great things about getting people to sit down and talk together is that it opens the door for open discussion between people with different life experiences, one problem with today’s society is that people are not talking and communicating with those who they might not be involved with during their day-to-day lives. There is so much diversity in Mexico within its states, ages of rich history that I would invite anyone to sit down talk, have a meal to discuss with one another. If you are open to the opportunity of sitting with a stranger over a meal, I bet you will find more similarities and reasons to be friends, while coming together.”

Thinking of the Lobos 1707 mission statement, “unapologetically genuine while still caring for the greater good of the pack,” that sense of coming together without losing individuality seems to guide the company and stands as an example for others. The individual achievement may not be as meaningful when the greater good of the group is overshadowed.

Osorio said, “A quote that always comes to mind for me, honoring the great Harry Belafonte, is – “you can cage the singer, but not the song” the same goes for your pack, you can take away one or two members but you this does not kill the whole pack. I love the idea of a pack because it will always be greater than the big names within the group, a pack can be bigger than any one person. Another quote I like to live by, by Hamilton, “if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.” Our brand is unapologetic, but we also are polite and intentional about how we show up and live up to our mission statement every single day.”

And for those people who might have still have misconceptions about tequila, it is time to put those thoughts aside. Osorio believes that “a misconception about Tequila is that it is a “college era” spirit, but in today’s world, it has greatly evolved into a complex and elevated spirit. I would invite anyone to try Lobos 1707 Tequila to change their mind, as with our Lobos Sherry Finish process results in a softer, rounder and pleasant liquid, more than any other tequila out there.”

From the Lobos 1707 Tequila to the Old El Paso food around the table, Cinco de Mayo is the starting point for people to show up, be intentional, and build a bigger table that will continue to grow one glass, one plate, and one conversation at a time.