5 reasons why the Original Cointreau Margarita is always a perfect pour

(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images for Cointreau)
(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images for Cointreau) /

While the brand says that a margarita without Cointreau is not worth its salt, the play on words is more than just a phrase that brings a smile. It is a reminder that a great cocktail tastes memorable because of its ingredients. Although there can be a time and place for smoke bubbles, tinctures, and fat washing, the reality is that a simple cocktail with quality ingredients will always be a delicious choice. It is one of the several reasons why the Original Cointreau Margarita should be served.

For 75 years, the Margarita has been a favorite sour cocktail. Even though people can debate salt on the rim or whether frozen varieties just for vacations, the reality is that Cointreau, a good tequila, and lime are always refreshing. Whether respite on a warm, sunny day or a burst of brightness on a dreary one, there is every excuse to grab the cocktail shaker.

It might seem silly to say that there are five reasons why the Original Cointreau Margarita is always a good choice, but Cinco de Mayo seemed fitting.

First, Cointreau has stood the test of time. While trends might come and go, the classic, orange flavor is as bright today as it was when it first was bottled. When combined with the acidic lime and tequila, it always offers that delicate balance.

Second, the Original Cointreau Margarita pairs with a variety of food choices. From the spicy taco to the robust mole, it can be served with almost anything. Even though most food pairings focus on Latino foods, it can easily be served with some spicy noodles or even a simple chicken pasta. It is that versatility that has people combining back for another sip.

Third, the cocktail is easy to make. Without having to break out the bartender’s book, anyone can figure out how to make the classic margarita even by sight and aroma. The basic two to one ratio applies. And, if a splash more of the orange flavor appeals to a drinker, that modification is totally permissible.

Fourth, the cocktail invites creativity with its garnish. Although margaritas can take on various flavors, changing the garnish slightly can bring a whole new flavor experience. For example, a simple Tajin rim, smoky salt, or hibiscus salt can totally change the sipping enjoyment. Or, consider changing the lime garnish to a limequat or even adding a candied lime peel for a little extra sweetness.

Lastly, it is a cocktail that brings people together. Who does not love enjoying a pitcher of margaritas with friends. The classic recipe can easily be modified for larger servings.

Whether it is Cinco de Mayo, the fifth of August or Halloween, the Original Cointreau Margarita is always a good choice. Ready to get shaking yet?