Alexa can track Uber Eats orders and consumers appreciate the seamlessness

(Photo by Stanislav Kogiku/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
(Photo by Stanislav Kogiku/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

After placing those Uber Eats orders, the anticipation grows. The food order might have been a craving for a burrito bowl or maybe it was a longing for that spicy chicken sandwich. While the order was easy to accomplish, it can be the waiting that makes that first taste even more satisfying. Now, with an integration with Alexa, order updates are just a question away.

Uber understands that consumers want ease of use. Over the years, the brand has worked with offering product innovations to make the to-do list, transportation, or just food order easier. From stacking orders to pre-scheduling that pick-up, busy consumers want efficiency in everything that they do.

The new Alexa integration with Uber Eats, Amazon Echo devices can provide updates on those orders. Throughout the whole process, the device can help users track the progress. From flashing colors to verbal notification, each user can customize the offerings.

As Ethan Hollinshead, Lead Product Manager at Uber said, “With order tracking on Alexa, managing orders from Uber Eats has never been easier—whether a favorite dessert or Friday night pizza heading to consumers’ doorsteps. We know that consumers are busier than ever before and we are excited to launch our integration with Alexa that unlocks new ways to simplify the experience to help consumers to get anything, from anywhere – which is always our priority.”

Whether it is the mom trying to distract the kids as they wait for dinner or the couple counting the minutes till the start of movie night, the ability to be stay focused on one task while the other items are processing is important. Even if people might feel as if they are tethered to their phones, it cannot be their sole focus. By delegating the tracking to Alexa, there is one distraction off the list.

As Mark Yoshitake, GM and Director of Alexa Skills, “Simple ambient experiences let customers be more present with family and friends—they don’t need to be distracted by checking for delivery updates on their mobile apps.” Many people know that Alexa offer weather updates or shipping notifications. Why not add another item to the list. Being able to put everything in order can help remove a little stress from a hectic day.

The Track with Alexa button is available on the Uber Eats app. It does need to be activated by users.