4 Rivers Smokehouse celebrates Peace, Love, and 4 The Greater Good

4 Rivers Smokehouse Greater Good campaign, photo provided by 4 Rivers Smokehouse
4 Rivers Smokehouse Greater Good campaign, photo provided by 4 Rivers Smokehouse /

From people who have been part of the 4 Rivers Smokehouse story from the beginning to others who have experienced some of its memorable food offerings at Disney locations, the celebrated restaurant group is more than superior barbecue. With the new campaign 4 The Greater Good, the stories shared feed the soul beyond the table.

Some people might know that 4 Rivers Smokehouse grew out of a charity event. While that cancer fundraiser was a success, the restaurant group has grown beyond that one moment. With 24 Florida locations, just a whiff of that scrumptious barbecue has many people running to place an order.

Recently, 4 Rivers Smokehouse is looking to bring people to the table, not just for that plate of barbecue. It is a celebration of how people relate to one another, make a connection to one another, and bond with one another.

The Peace, Love 4 The Greater Good Campaign is about creating connection with others. While chefs often tout the concept that food is and will always be a unifier, the reality is that a visual reminder, a touch of encouragement, and a little fun along the ways.

John Rivers, 4R Restaurant Group Founder/CEO shared, “The Peace, Love, 4 The Greater Good campaign was conceived from the desire to explore how the peace and love cultivated within our Smokehouses has a lasting impact with our guests, team members, and community as a whole.”

4 Rivers Smokehouse Greater Good campaign
4 Rivers Smokehouse Greater Good campaign, photo provided by 4 Rivers Smokehouse /

Rivers shared team member stories. Their willingness to be vulnerable and bear witness inspired everyone. The hope is that the larger campaign will inspire honesty, empathy, and a desire to come together for the greater good.

As part of the campaign, each of the 4 Rivers Smokehouse locations will have a chalkboard display. Guests are encouraged to write about someone or something that impacts them, that they are grateful for, that impacts them. Even just reading the comments from others could inspire people.

While this concept is simple, it is not one that is front and center in many situations. While people have heard of the pay it forward moments or watch some special event on television, this “greater good” movement shows that gratitude does not have to come with grandeur. It is about recognizing the moment, gesture, or person. More importantly, it can inspire others to act.

For those people who visit a 4 Rivers Smokehouse location consider taking a moment to share a comment on one of those chalkboards. If a location is not nearby, consider sharing these ideas on social media with #4RGreaterGood.

Creating delicious barbecue is a low, slow method that comes with years of care and craftsmanship. Even as those embers lend flavor to the food, it takes a person to help keep the flame strong. With the 4 Rivers Smokehouse Peace, Love, 4 The Greater Good campaign, everyone can be that person to keep the gratitude burning strong.