2023 ALDI Fan Favorites Survey adds seven new categories


Since that cart is always overflowing with the latest and greatest ALDI Finds, the savvy shoppers know all the best deals on those food, beverages, and household items can be found at their local ALDI. Although there is always something new and exciting on the shelf, some favorites are always on that must buy list. This year, the 2023 ALDI Fan Favorites Survey highlights seven new categories and that cart just got a little fuller.

The seven new categories on the 2023 ALDI Fan Favorites Survey include:

  • TikTok Made Me Buy It
  • What a Deal ($5 Favorites)
  • On The Lighter Side (Better-for-you swaps)
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Ready When You Are
  • Sauce on the Side
  • Sweet Tooth Satisfaction

While some of the categories feature some food trends, the most unlikely option is TikTok Made Me Buy It. Even though some people question some of the food choices on that platform, it has become an influential medium. Whether it was pesto eggs, butter boards, or that baked feta, there is no shortage of curious food commentary.

The Rookie of the Year showcases how shoppers are looking for innovation in a familiar product. From a plant based pasta to lower calorie options, the reality is that people might move away from the familiar when something better can satisfy more. Given the ALDI promise and value, some people might have been willing to give those cauliflower crackers a try.

Still, classic ALDI Finds like its Emporium cheese or its robust wine selection often have shoppers grabbing one option during most visits. Knowing that the classics are always available is one of the reasons why shoppers have come to rely on ALDI. Afterall that Tailslide Pinot Noir goes with everything.

Lastly, as food costs continue to be a concern, the favorite for less than $5 might be the standout list. From the Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Calzone to the Specially Selected Balsamic Glaze, these ideas are chosen not just for the price but because they deliver on the flavor. Everyone knows that there is value in those ALDI aisles, and this category puts it front and center.

The voting on the 2023 ALDI Fan Favorites survey is open till May 18. By sharing their favorites, respondents are eligible for prizes.

Which items will be the 2023 ALDI Fan Favorites? Everyone will have to wait till the next announcement to find out.