New Dos Equis non-alcoholic beverage brings flavor to sober curious choices

New Dos Equis Lime and Salt non-alcoholic beverage, photo provided by Dos Equis
New Dos Equis Lime and Salt non-alcoholic beverage, photo provided by Dos Equis /

During the summer, the long, warm days are filled with activities. From that morning run to the late night by the campfire, the downtime comes when the head hits the pillow. Although a libation or two can be enjoyable, no one wants that beverage to derail the fun. With the new Dos Equis non-alcoholic beverage, Dos Equis Lime and Salt, the refreshment has all the flavor, just without the liquor.

Whether throwing a party or having a well-stocked refrigerator, non-alcoholic beverages need to be part of the conversation. Long gone are the days of beer, water or soda as the primary options in the summer cooler. Today, the ready to drink market is full of options. Whether it is the surge in popularity in the sober curious movement or beverage brands putting more effort into the non-alcoholic space, no one is every left thirsty.

Ahead of the summer celebrations, Dos Equis is expanding its portfolio to include a new non-alcoholic beverage. The Dos Equis Lime and Salt Zero is a first for the beverage brand. Although it is a low calorie (73 calories) and less than 0.5% ABV, the beverage is full of flavor.

The bright, zesty notes from the lime combined with the slight salinity makes this non-ABV beverage perfect on a warm day. Whether drunk straight from the can or poured over ice, it is equally enjoyable.

Also, for drinkers who prefer to mix both non-ABV and alcoholic beverages throughout an event, the Dos Equis Lime and Salt Zero can be an option for margarita lovers who want to make a swap. It has a similar taste to a skinny margarita, but it will not have people considering that “floor moment” saying after having a couple.

New Dos Equis non-alcoholic beverage
New Dos Equis Lime and Salt non-alcoholic beverage, photo provided by Dos Equis /

While it is always good to have a non-alcoholic option at the ready, Dos Equis has two more ready to drink beverages joining its line-up, a Michelada and a tequila based canned cocktail. Given that tequila is surging in popularity, Dos Equis Mango Margarita will quickly become a summer must have.

While Dos Equis has a RTD margarita in its line-up, the Mango Margarita brings a little sweetness to the cooler. That tropical influenced cocktail is perfect on warm days. Plus, take a page from the beer world and add a tajin or spicy salt around the can to boost the drinking enjoyment.

Another warm weather favorite is the Dos Equis Michelada. The brand’s take on the classic Mexican drink is perfect with some shrimp tacos, a bright ceviche, or even just some chips and salsa. With a lower ABV, it is an easy drinking option.

Dos Equis understands that it needs to continue to evolve and stay relevant in relation to consumer trends. From flavor consideration to convenience, consumers are no longer wanting to compromise. Whether it is away from home or just sitting on the couch, they want flavor, variety, and ease of use from a brand that they know and trust. Although there might be two “Xs” on the label, the popular beverage brand has checked off all boxes for summer entertaining.