Kraft Heinz brings IHOP Coffee to home kitchens for the first time

New IHOP Coffee at home from Kraft Heinz, photo provided by Kraft Heinz
New IHOP Coffee at home from Kraft Heinz, photo provided by Kraft Heinz /

For many people, a short stack with a cup of coffee is a favorite way to start the day. While that combination might be classic, some people might prefer to enjoy that caffeine boost without changing out of their pajamas. Kraft Heinz is bringing that iconic IHOP Coffee to the home coffee maker.

Coffee trends can go in many directions. While certain brands embrace the sweet side, the artisan craft blend, or a touch of nostalgia, the reality is that people want one thing, a great tasting coffee. Even before the creamer, sugar, or any other addition hits the cup, the coffee needs to be flavorful.

Bringing favorite restaurant flavors into the home kitchen is becoming more prevalent. Across the food aisle, the popular brands are joined with famous names. By offering these items, it does not take away from the restaurant experience. In some ways, it can even amplify it.

As Kaitlin Roe, Director of Marketing at Kraft Heinz said, “Given Kraft Heinz’s heritage with iconic coffee brands, we’re thrilled to leverage our longstanding category experience to create a premium coffee product available in bags and K-Cup pods. This partnership allows us to combine our scale and capabilities with the power of a fan favorite brand like IHOP to reach new consumers in the market.”

The IHOP Coffee offering comes in three flavors, Signature Blend, Buttery Syrup and Chocolate Chocolate Chip. While the Signature Blend captures that in restaurant pour, it is the other two flavors that have people talking.

Kraft Heinz IHOP Coffee at home
Kraft Heinz launches IHOP Coffee at home, photo provided by Kraft Heinz /

The Buttery Syrup brings a nod to IHOP’s signature menu item, pancakes. The touch of syrupy notes is contrasted with the buttery undertones from the pancakes makes for an enjoyable sip. Whether drunk on its own or with a touch of cream, it is smooth, rich brew. Instead of pairing this coffee with more pancakes, consider serving it with something savory. From some eggs over easy to a few slices of bacon, the coffee’s sweetness can offer a lovely contrast.

Lastly the Chocolate Chocolate Chip is definitely an indulgent option. Although not as decadent as slice of chocolate cake, this coffee offering feels a touch rich. The chocolate flavors are apparent but the blend pairs well with many food offerings.

To celebrate the IHOP Coffee launch, Kraft Heinz is offering a limited edition IHOP Coffee Mug Diffuser. Instead of florals or clean linen fragrances, this diffuser brings the coffee aroma without having to brew another cup. The Buttery Syrup flavor brings a touch of sweetness with the coffee. While it adds ambiance, hopefully it does not make people’s stomachs grumble.

For those people who are craving the IHOP Coffee, the Kraft Heinz offering is available in both K-Cups and bags of ground coffee. The starting price is $7.99.

In addition, the IHOP Coffee Mug Diffuser can be purchased on Amazon. It is priced at $19.99, which supplies last.