Waterloo Tropical Fruit flavor brings bright, zesty summer vibes

Waterloo-infused Tropical Fruit Bar created in collaboration with Chef Curtis Stone
Waterloo-infused Tropical Fruit Bar created in collaboration with Chef Curtis Stone /

Waterloo Sparking Water has a knack for balancing flavor innovation while never losing sight of what it does best. The flavor forward, perfectly carbonated sparkling water beverage appreciates that drinkers do not want to compromise. They will return to brands that they trust time and again. With the new Waterloo Tropical Fruit, the bright, zesty offering captures summer vibes no matter where a can is opened.

The newest flavor offering, Waterloo Tropical Fruit, combines several fruits to create that perfect sip. The base starts with a blood orange, which brings a subtle sweetness. Given that blood orange has a hint of tart with the juiciness, it is a more nuanced approach. From there, pineapple is added to bring sweetness but also to bring a touch of brightness. Lastly, mango layers the tropical note. It is a delightful fruit blend that easily brings visions of that warm sunny day on a sandy beach.

For its recent flavor releases, Waterloo Sparkling Water has partnered with Chef Curtis Stone to highlight sweet and savory applications using the various flavors. These recipes showcase that a favorite beverage can be more than refreshment in a glass.

As part of the new flavor launch, Stone said, “I’m so excited to continue my partnership with Waterloo Sparkling Water, a brand that is continuously pushing boundaries in the world of flavor development. After learning about their limited-time only Tropical Fruit offering, I knew I would be stocking up for my own summer barbecues, beach outings, and picnics. As an Aussie, I’m always inspired by tropical flavors, sunshine, and memories of home. This Tropical Fruit sparkling water embodies all those things, with an exotic and citrusy profile that makes me want to hop on my longboard as soon as I take a sip.”

Waterloo Tropical Fruit sparkling water
Waterloo-infused Tropical Fruit Bar created in collaboration with Chef Curtis Stone /

Although some people might be a little removed from jumping on a longboard to catch that wave, the vibe can be created anywhere. Even on the couch with some summer songs playing in the background can help create that escapism enthusiasm.

As part of the launch, Chef Stone shared a new recipe featuring the Waterloo Tropical Fruit Flavor. His Tropical Fruit Bars would pair well with a summer barbecue, fish fry, or even a plate of fried chicken. The zesty lime custard with fresh fruit topping helps to keep the flavors light on a warm evening. For those people who want a sweet ending but prefer not to go too heavy, this dessert might be the perfect choice. Just do not tell grandma that you prefer this dessert to her apple crisp.

The new Waterloo Tropical Fruit Sparkling Water as well as Summer Berry and other year round flavors can be found at various retailers. Recently, the beverage brand expanded its distribution. Now the brand can be found at Walmart, Fresh Director, Albertson Safeway, Target, and more.

The countdown to summer fun is on and the new Waterloo Tropical Fruit is the refreshing sip that will bring smiles all around.