Oscar Mayer rebrands the Wienermobile for the first time ever

Oscar Mayer rebrands Wienermobile to Frankmobile, photo provided by Oscar Mayer
Oscar Mayer rebrands Wienermobile to Frankmobile, photo provided by Oscar Mayer /

Whether it is driving down the road, stopped at a store, or even the backdrop to one of life’s most momentous occasions, the Wienermobile is one of the most iconic images. Most people cannot help but smile when that larger than life Oscar Mayer vehicle appears. Now the infamous Wienermobile is getting a new name and the reason is an interesting one.

The differences between “wieners” and “frankfurters” might have lessened over the years. While “wien” is a reference to Vienna, that Bavarian connection has long disappeared. Some people have described the differences as the type of ingredients used in making the wieners or frankfurters, but that distinction has even changed. Even though the terms might not technically be synonymous, they are often interchangeable.

This summer, Oscar Mayer is putting the “wiener” description on hold in honor of the new recipe of its 100% Beef Franks. Starting today, the Wienermobile is now going to be the “Frankmobile.”

Over the infamous vehicle’s 100 year history, there has not been a change in name. Although there have been motorcycles, drones and more, it has always been the Wienermobile. Now, the Frankmobile will be covering all the miles this summer.

Oscar Mayer rebrands Wienermobile to Frankmobile
Oscar Mayer rebrands Wienermobile to Frankmobile, photo provided by Oscar Mayer /

Stephanie Vance, Associate Brand Manager, Oscar Mayer said, “This summer, it’s time to highlight another fan-favorite: our delicious 100% Beef Franks. When Oscar Mayer makes anything, we prioritize taste over everything, so no matter what kind of hot dog you enjoy this summer, if it’s Oscar Mayer, you know it will be 100% tasty, and 100% make you smile.”

The name change is to promote the new All Beef Franks recipe. Bringing more flavor to the “frank,” the classic Oscar Mayer food will be the star of the grill for all those summer gatherings. It is time to play that Frank Whistle and join the Frankfurters in celebrating the bold flavor.

In honor of the name change, the Frankmobile will be offering “Franks for Franks.” Anyone who is named “Frank” can receive a coupon for a free pack of Oscar Mayer 100% Beef Franks from the vehicle. To clarify, it can be a version of “Frank” too. Franco, Frances and even Franz can get their free food offering during one of the stops.

This summer it appears that frankfurters are on the menu. Hopefully, the change in term does not cause as heated a food debate as the sandwich controversy that people know so well.