Pepsi introduces Press Play On Summer, the exciting soundtrack for the season

Pepsi collaborates with Bad Bunny and Apple Music for Press Play On Summer, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi collaborates with Bad Bunny and Apple Music for Press Play On Summer, photo provided by Pepsi /

Whether it is the rising temperatures, the promise of diversion, or just the desire to take a break, there is a thirst for summer fun. From a small escape to gathering with friends, there is a longing to put aside the daily grind and have a little extra enjoyment. With Pepsi’s Press Play on Summer, a collaboration with Apple Music and Bad Bunny, there will be no shortage of music to create the must have soundtrack for the season.

The Press Play on Summer event offers consumers an opportunity to listen to Apple Music all summer long. Available on select Pepsi beverages, the special Press Play On Summer QR Code “unlocks up to three months of Apple Music.” In addition, the special summer promotion includes a wide array of other prizes.

The Pepsi summer promotion builds on the beverage brand’s long connection to the music industry. Beyond the pop culture connection to Super Bowl ads or halftime shows, Pepsi has supported artists for decades. Whether it is emerging artists or large scale world tours, the beverage brand understands that music is part of many life’s memorable moments. Whether it is that high school prom, wedding dance, or a favorite song that reminds a person of a special someone, there is an emotional connection beyond just a rhythmic beat.

Speaking to this promotion and collaboration, Todd Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer – Pepsi said, “We at Pepsi couldn’t be more excited to kick off this historic partnership with Apple Music and Bad Bunny. Both Pepsi and Apple Music have such storied histories in the music space delivering first-of-its-kind experiences for our fans over the years, so it is only fitting that we join forces to create ‘Press Play on Summer.’ Bad Bunny is one of the biggest artists on the planet and we are thrilled to welcome him into the Pepsi family! We are excited to give fans unprecedented access to a host of music experiences and Bad Bunny’s catalogue all summer long.”

Pepsi Press Play On Summer with Bad Bunny and Apple Music
Pepsi collaborates with Bad Bunny and Apple Music for Press Play On Summer, photo provided by Pepsi /

Even for those people who might not understand all the lyrics in his songs, Bad Bunny has become a force in the music industry. It is not about being able to translate the words, the vibe from his music crosses cultures and generations.

Bad Bunny shared, “Summer is the season of the year that we all get excited about, the one that brings the heat, when we seek the beach, friends, good music and just have a good time. I’m happy to partner with Pepsi and Apple Music to bring fans more of what we love and unites us: MUSIC, through ‘Press Play On Summer’ offer.”

That idea of uniting people applies not just to music. From the bond over a favorite beverage to sharing a conversation over a plate of food, people are learning to see beyond the differences and find that connection. While many people will appreciate the opportunity to stream Apple Music all summer long, it can be more than just a favorite song playing in those earbuds. It is an opportunity to open that conversation on favorite songs, great times, and making memories.

For now, grab a favorite Pepsi and Press Play on Summer. Life is short and fun is waiting to be had.