Padma Lakshmi sits down with Mythical Kitchen to enjoy her Last Meal

Mythical Kitchen Last Meal with guest Padma Lakshmi, photo provided by Mythical Kitchen
Mythical Kitchen Last Meal with guest Padma Lakshmi, photo provided by Mythical Kitchen /

While she has told many chefs to pack their knives and go, Padma Lakshmi is not going anywhere any time soon. Still, she sat down with Mythical Kitchen to enjoy her Last Meal. In addition to the foods on the plate, Padma and Josh feast on a food conversation that is far more elevated that some of the dishes on this menu.

Asking someone what they would enjoy as a last meal can be quite telling. The dish might be the first meal that they learned to cook. It could be a family dish that grandma served every holiday. Or, the bite could some something that they dreamed about forever.

No matter the food on the plate, it is a glimpse into a person’s background, beliefs, and likes. As Padma once reference during a press tour for Taste the Nation Season 2, tell me what you eat and she can understand a part of that person.

As Padma sat down in this in-depth discussion with Mythical Kitchen, the multi-course Last Meal is a glimpse into her past, present, and future. While she feels empowered to tell her story, the robust discussion around the table is about finding those connections that food provides.

For Padma’s Mythical Kitchen Last Meal, she was served the following:

  • Nachos with a cheese fountain
  • Ice cold margarita with Don Julio 1942 (during the conversation, the liquor was omitted)
  • Dodo with coconut chutney and sambar
  • Kettle chips with caviar and sour cream, with chives

While the conversation lasted over 30 minutes, certain moments stood out not just as soundbites, but as commentary to chew on long after the plates are cleared. In this clip, Padma talks about how everything is important. Just like a great mole or curry, everything goes in that sauce and that is why food and life is so flavorful.

Beyond that philosophical statement, there are many funny, silly moments in the conversation. Whether it is the appreciation of eating with your hands to even certain of body art, the best parts of these Last Meal episodes are the relatability that is shown. Many people watch Padma on Top Chef or Taste of the Nation. But, like a regular person, she enjoys eating food in bed or a simple nacho. Those moments are why people tune into watch time and again.

Still, there are plenty of poignant moments in this Last Meal. Similar to many of the topics discussed on Taste the Nation, Padma seeks to open a conversation. As Padma and Josh discuss, food is an expression of emotion, culture, and family. The table is the place where people gather, feel open to share, and are willing to let go of the barriers.

In one segment, Padma discusses women and their influence on food and cooking.

While women might have a kind word to share or a nurturing persona, the food that they put on the plate is nourishment beyond the sustenance. Those moments where Padma connects with people and relates one culture to another on Taste the Nation is something that everyone can do on their own scale. It might not be through a Last Meal video experience, but it can be done in another way. Enjoying a meal with a friend or stranger can open people’s eyes to what is possible beyond the table.

Be sure to watch the entire episode of Padma Lakshm’s Last Meal on Mythical Kitchen. Even if your final meal would be a different progression, it will make you feel better about enjoying that bed picnic.