Fizzy Beez creates ready to drink cocktail buzz by putting flavor first

Fizzy Beez ready to drink cocktails expand its distribution, photo provided by Fizzy Beez
Fizzy Beez ready to drink cocktails expand its distribution, photo provided by Fizzy Beez /

A new ready to drink cocktail brand has people buzzing. Fizzy Beez, created by Annika Sorenstam and Kathy Johanson, is a vodka ready to drink cocktail company. As the brand continues to expand its distribution footprint, more drinkers have come to appreciate that convenience does not have to be served with a side of compromise.

As the ready to drink cocktail market continues to grow, standing out on the shelf needs to be more than just a creative image or an engaging phrase. The beverage in the can must deliver a drinking experience that satisfies that thirst.

Consumers have become more sophisticated. While beer drinkers have long appreciated that a lager is far different from an IPA, the ready to drink cocktail market can have less clarity. A hard seltzer is not a cocktail and not all cocktails are made with the same liquor quality. Although some people might scrutinize food labels, the beverage can might need a second look before taking a gulp.

When Fizzy Beez was created, Annika Sorenstam and Kathy Johanson wanted to fill a particular void in the ready to drink cocktail market. Instead of focusing on something that was totally off the fairway, they choose to give drinkers what they really want, an impeccable vodka cocktail that puts flavor first.

Fizzy Beez ready to drink cocktails
Fizzy Beez ready to drink cocktails expand its distribution, photo provided by Fizzy Beez /

By using real fruit juice, grain-neutral spirits, and organic honey, the brand appreciates that by using quality ingredients it produces a better tasting cocktail. The concept is similar to why a cocktail from a craft bar or expert mixologist tastes better than a bottled mixer.

Fizzy Beez offers four flavors, Moscow Mule, Mojito, Margarita and Cosmo. While two of the four offers are not typically made with vodka, that liquor swap should not be concerning. After that first pour, the taste will win over any doubters.

During a recent taste testing, the one cocktail which was quite surprisingly was the Mojito. Often RTD versions have an aroma that might have drinkers taking a pause before that first sip. With the Fizzy Beez option, the bright, refreshing mint aroma is captivating. It invites the first drink because there is a sense of excitement, anticipation.

The Mojito has that balance between a touch sweet yet bright. More importantly, the flavor feels clean. It does not linger. On a warm day, it will be the beverage that goes down easy.

That commitment to flavor is even more apparent in the Moscow Mule. That ginger spice seems to tickle the palate. It is warm, yet not overpowering. When paired with a lime wedge, it is quite delightful.

Another unexpected option is the margarita. The vodka-based cocktail has the balance that drinkers want from the sour cocktail. Thinking of this option, why not borrow a page from other canned cocktail serving methods. Consider making spicy rim with tajin. The slight smoky heat from the spice blend brings out the honey sweetness in the margarita. Even if the RTD is poured into a glass, the concept works just as well.

For a cocktail that makes the biggest impression outside of the can, it is the Cosmo. While some people might think back to those nights out with girlfriends, this version does not require making it past the velvet rope. While it can be drunk from the can, this beverage needs to be poured into a glass. The vibrant color entices. It is unlike other RTDs on the market.

The Cosmo’s color is a wonderful example of Fizzy Beez’s attention to every detail. It was vital for the brand to have that classic pink hue; it is part of the authentic drinking experience.

Although the RTD market continues to expand, Fizzy Beez has carved out its niche in a smart way. It is more than just another can in the cooler. This brand appreciates that flavor comes first. For drinkers who do not want to compromise, they will seek out a better beverage.

A great RTD cocktail is not just about enjoying a sip on the links or at the beach. Sometimes it is about opening one when it is not convenient to stand behind the bar or the ingredients are not on the shelf. Still, everyone wants to feel satisfied when the glass is empty. Fizzy Beez delivers.

Fizzy Beez is available in select stated including Michigan, Nevada, Ohio and Tennessee. Additional distribution points will be coming.

A single can has a 5% ABV and 140 calories. The Fizzy Beez Moscow Mule won Double Gold at the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) Access Live Awards. The Moscow Mule won a gold medal from the Beverage Tasting Institute and all four beverages received bronze medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.