Jimmy John’s Jalapeno Ranch Chicken Wrap kicks off summer with bold flavors

Jimmy John's Summer Wraps include Jalapeno Ranch Chicken Wrap, photo provided by Jimmy John's
Jimmy John's Summer Wraps include Jalapeno Ranch Chicken Wrap, photo provided by Jimmy John's /

While everyone knows that their sandwiches are fresh, made-to-order, it is the flavor combinations that have guests hungry for more. After the success of last summer’s wraps, a new flavor is joining the conversation. Hungry for the first bite of Jimmy John’s Jalapeno Ranch Chicken Wrap?

Over the past several months, Jimmy John’s has raised the bar on its sandwich offerings. The most recent, Caprese Salami Pesto Sandwich, captured classic Italian flavors while still staying true to the brand’s identity. That careful balance between innovation yet never compromising on great food ingredients keeps Jimmy John’s ahead of its competitors.

When Jimmy John’s launched its wraps, many people were excited. Beyond having an additional option to order, the reality is that the flavor combinations were bold. Rooted in the familiar, it was the presentation and slightly different approach that had people running to get that first taste.

For summer 2023, the new Jimmy John’s Jalapeno Ranch Chicken Wrap offers a balanced heat in every bite. While the crispy jalapenos bring spice and texture, it is not overpowering. With the creamy, jalapeno ranch dressing on top of the chicken and provolone cheese, there is a richness that makes this feel hearty yet not overpowering.

Speaking to the summer wraps, Dustin Hilinski, Director of Culinary Innovation at Jimmy John’s said, “At Jimmy John’s, we are known for our fresh, made-to-order sandwiches and are constantly innovating to bring our customers bold and unexpected sandwich experiences. That’s why we have raised the bar this summer by offering three delicious wraps, each with unique flavor combinations, including the new Jalapeño Ranch Chicken Wrap, perfect for those who crave a little kick in each bite.”

Jimmy John's summer wraps include Jalapeno Ranch Chicken Wrap
Jimmy John’s Summer Wraps include Jalapeno Ranch Chicken Wrap, photo provided by Jimmy John’s /

While many people who crave bold flavors will make a point of ordering the Jalapeno Ranch Chicken Wrap, the classic Chicken Caesar Wrap and Thai Chicken Wrap are back, too. While the Chicken Caesar Wrap might be a portable compromise for that salad, the Thai Chicken Wrap is one of Jimmy John’s more innovative menu items. From the crispy carrot noodles to the Thai satay sauce, it is an umami bomb that is a quite enjoyable meal.

Building on its customer loyalty program, Jimmy John’s Freaky Fast Rewards members can unlock the Wrap Royalty Achievement Badge. For guests who order all three wraps from June 5 and June 11 can be eligible to win prizes like limited-edition Summer Wrap pool float. Complete terms and conditions can be found online.

Jimmy John’s appreciates that it needs to tie its new menu launches to the loyalty app. Even though many guests have their tried and true menu order, there needs to be excitement over innovative food choices. From earning a special badge to the potential of a prize, those achievements drive orders. Keeping guests engaged time and again is vital for food brands to stay relevant.

This summer, Jimmy John’s Jalapeno Ranch Chicken Wrap is waiting to be enjoyed. And, if that heat leaves a little color in your face, grab one of the new Fudge Chocolate Brownies as a sweet ending. Life is too short to say no to dessert.