Kinder Chocolate unveiled as another Ferrero sweet product innovation

Kinder Chocolate is the latest food innovation from Ferrero, photo provided by Ferrero
Kinder Chocolate is the latest food innovation from Ferrero, photo provided by Ferrero /

While Kinder Joy brings smiles to all ages and Kinder Bueno blends creamy and crunchy in a single bite, the Ferrero brand continues to innovate. Whether that sentiment is labeled disruptive or another term can be debated. For candy fans, it is about the eating enjoyment. As one of the new products hitting shelves, Kinder Chocolate is ready for that first taste.

At the 2023 Sweets and Snacks Expo, Ferrero will be showcasing new food options joining its robust line-up. One of the most anticipated offerings is Kinder Chocolate. A creamy, milky filling is surrounded by a milk chocolate. The bite is luscious yet approachable. It might appeal to kids, but adults will find it equally as enjoyable.

Speaking to the product innovations at the 2023 Sweets and Snacks Expo, Jim Klein, Chief Customer Officer, Ferrero USA said, “Over the past five years, Ferrero has launched several disruptive, top tier innovations in the market, such as Kinder Joy, Kinder Bueno, Ferrero Rocher Tablets, as well as seasonal products that have delivered incremental sales, units and profitability to the confections category. With this year’s lineup, our customers and consumers should expect the same level of disruptive innovation that will continue to deliver incremental sales and units by attracting new consumers, enabling Ferrero to continue growing the confections category.”

Kinder Chocolate by Ferrero
Kinder Chocolate is the latest food innovation from Ferrero, photo provided by Ferrero /

In addition to the Kinder Chocolate, Ferrero will show other new products including Kinder Chocolate Mini Friends, Ferrero Rocher Golden Eggs, Ferrero Rocher Hollow Egg, Keebler Chips Deluxe Fudgy, and Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies Carton Box. Looking this list, the diverse offerings show fun is always part of the sweet conversation. From the kid to the young at heart, food is meant to be that moment where the focus is on enjoyment that taste. As long as the smile remains after the last morsel is enjoyed, the treat has succeeded in its purpose.

From every day treats to seasonal offerings, Ferrero keeps pushing the conversation forward. While the product innovation builds excitement, it does not take away from those traditional favorites. The person who loves that Kinder Bueno will want to try the new Kinder Chocolate. One treat might be perfect with coffee and the other one might be the companion to a bowl of popcorn. In both cases, the consumer trusts the brand and will go back time and again.

For people craving that first taste of Kinder Chocolate, it will arrive in stores starting in August. The other food product innovations will arrive over the next year.