Patrick Renna shares why DQ S’mores Blizzard is the ultimate nostalgic spoonful, interview

Patrick Renna for DQ S'mores Blizzard, photo provided by Dairy Queen
Patrick Renna for DQ S'mores Blizzard, photo provided by Dairy Queen /

Certain phrases or moments can connect people across ages, backgrounds, and other demographics. Even for some people who might not know the difference between a foul and an RBI, the coming of age movie The Sandlot has numerous phrases that have become part of the common collective. While baseball might bring those boys together for endless hours of fun, it is the bond that they have, beyond the baseball diamond, that resonates with people. This summer, Patrick Renna (aka Ham from The Sandlot) and DQ S’mores Blizzard are joining forces to make a happy connection.

DQ has long touted the idea of “Happy Tastes Good.” While the phrase might be straightforward, it resonates. The simple pleasure of seeing a Blizzard served upside down or the promise that the red spoon brings can make people smile. It is not complicated.

As one of The Sandlot cast members, Patrick Renna has turned that one role into movie infamy. While people might quote his “Smalls” statement, it is his character’s s’mores explanation that is the sweet recipe that everyone can appreciate.

Since summer and s’mores go hand in hand, DQ asked Patrick Renna to share some of his thoughts on the S’mores Blizzard. During a recent conversation with FoodSided, Renna talked about the traditional recipe, why this Blizzard is a favorite, and how he bonds with kids over America’s pastime, baseball.

Patrick Renna on DQ S'mores Blizzard
Patrick Renna for DQ S’mores Blizzard, photo provided by Dairy Queen /

When asked how this partnership came to be, Renna said that it just made sense. It was logical. While the Oreo Blizzard might be his family’s anytime favorite dessert, the S’mores is his must have summer treat. Even though it might not require special stacking, it has all the classic components.

In some locations, DQ and summer go hand in hand. For Renna, he said that there is something really special about the combination. Whether it is after his son’s tee-ball game or just a special afternoon treat, it is something that just makes everyone happy.

Speaking to his son’s budding baseball career, Renna said that as coach he might be more of a wrangler than an aspiring Tony La Russa. Still, he wants to be on that diamond with his son. It is a special time for a father and son. That special dad and son bonding makes the whole experience worth every moment.

Even though Renna is part of that iconic baseball film, the sport has always been part of his life. While he does not want his kids to feel obligated to play, he hopes that they will appreciate how the sport connects people.

It is similar to how food can connect people. Even if some people might not make s’mores the proper way, it can spark that conversation over the flame. From color changing marshmallows to cookies versus graham crackers, people can express their food creativity. It is part of the fun. From showing a kid how to make the perfect s’mores or driving to DQ for that S’mores Blizzard, it is that classic summer food.

As The Sandlot turns 30, Renna appreciates that the story is timeless. Like other movies from that era, the storytelling is genuine. More importantly, it is a film that the whole family can enjoy together. Just like sitting down to eat a DQ Blizzard. It appeals to young and old.

This summer why not have a movie night, play a game a catch in the backyard, or just put the device down for a conversation. The perfect s’mores is waiting to be enjoyed and it is found at DQ.