Caribou Coffee embraces the espresso tonic beverage trend

Caribou Coffee adds espresso tonics to its summer menu, photo provided by Caribou Coffee
Caribou Coffee adds espresso tonics to its summer menu, photo provided by Caribou Coffee /

While some coffee brands are changing their ice or adding savory ingredients to the brew, Caribou Coffee is shaking up a new beverage trend. Ready to sip on an espresso tonic this summer?

Beverage trends tend to push the envelope when it comes to flavors. While many people love the idea of sweet infusion or brand-crossovers, sometimes the simple idea quenches a thirst better than others. From exploring food pairings to just quenching a thirst, there are plenty of ways to sip and sip again.

Speaking to the new espresso tonic beverages and the evolution of the brand’s summer menu, Caribou Coffee’s Senior Vice President of Product and Procurement Matt Reiter said, “Caribou Coffee continues to stay ahead of the curve by effortlessly embracing new trends within the industry into our already extensive menu of handcrafted beverages. Bringing espresso tonics into the mix, following our recent launch of iced espresso shakers, is a bold and unique offering that we are thrilled to introduce to our guests just in time for summer.”

Caribou Coffee espresso tonic with Fever Tree tonic
Caribou Coffee adds espresso tonics to its summer menu, photo provided by Caribou Coffee /

The new espresso tonic beverages feature Fever-Tree Premium Tonic Water. Fever-Tree. Since this tonic has a slight citrus note, the flavor highlights the fruity qualities in the coffee. It is light, refreshing and an enjoyable sip.

Available in two flavors, Classic Espresso Tonic and Cherry Peach Espresso Tonic, the two options showcase the variety that this beverage style can adapt. The classic version is coffee forward. Simple in its flavor, it has a lightness but still does not lose that coffee base.

The Cherry Peach Espresso Tonic feels lighter. The sweetness of the cherry and peach comes through in the taste and aroma. For drinkers who prefer an almost dessert like coffee or those sweeter blended beverages, this option could be their preference.

In addition to new espresso tonics, Caribou Coffee is putting Raspberry Green Tea with Bubbles and Frozen Matcha with Bubbles permanently on the menu. While they were limited time offerings, the consumer demand has been constant. Those coffee jellies are just too tempting to resist on a sunny day.

These beverages and more are currently available at local stores. The summer menu also includes Honey Sriracha on Everything Bagel and Campfire Cake Pop. Also, Caribou Coffee does not charge an additional fee for non-dairy milk for Caribou Perks members. That perk is available when members order ahead via the app.