The most popular donut flavor might take everyone by surprise

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Whether it is the Hot Red Light that calls through the morning darkness or people who run to their favorite shop every day, donuts are a breakfast staple. Even though there can be moments when those day-old donuts can be transformed into a tasty dessert, donut bread pudding anyone, the reality is that starting the day with a coffee and a donut is more than movie screen lore. While that might be true, one survey found that the most popular donut flavor may not be found in that dozen box.

Recently, Menu-Price compiled data to determine the most popular donut flavor. While some people might prefer a filled donut to a cruller, the flavor earning that top spot might be surprising. The number one most popular donut flavor across the states is the donut hole.

Although this choice might be more of a style than a flavor, there is something to be said about the popularity of the donut hole. Even though FoodSided does not lean into that pesky “g” food word description, eating a couple donut holes feels better than eating three donuts.

Depending on where the donut holes are purchased, it can bring some variety to the box. When the decision between chocolate cake and a classic glazed is too difficult, two different donut holes can be the solution.

The other top five most popular donut flavors are (in order) Glazed, Paczki, Apple Cider, and Old Fashioned. Looking at this list, two of the four options are seasonal donuts. A Paczki is usually a pre-Lenten treat, often sold around Fat Tuesday. While the Polish treat is quite tasty, it can be hard to satisfy that craving on National Donut Day in June.

Also, Apple Cider donuts are a fall treat. Whether or not those donuts are enjoyed with a pumpkin spice latte can be debated. Still, the flavor is not necessarily one that denotes summer satisfaction.

Like any food survey, it will cause a discussion. People can believe, disbelieve, or otherwise comment on this one particular list. Most likely, there is another one that will offer a different result.

In the end, the only thing that really matters is enjoying a good donut. The only bad option to enjoy on National Donut Day is a stale one.