Flavorful reasons why Heritage Eggs make for happy home cooks

Heritage Eggs from Happy Eggs
Heritage Eggs from Happy Eggs /

Much conversation has been cracked over eggs in the past year. The simple, protein rich food is one of the most versatile ingredients in the refrigerator. While there are many options on the shelf, not everyone one is the same. Once cooks discover Heritage Eggs from Happy Egg, they might never use any other egg again.

Eggs are more than white and brown or large and jumbo. Terms like free range, organic and more set an expectation when they are cracked. While the shell’s color might be the first impression, it is the vibrant yolk and the flavor that has many cooks seeking out one particular egg brand over another.

Heritage Eggs get a lot of attention for their shells. The blue and brown eggs are a touch of the unexpected. Each one is a touch unique. Brown is far from boring and blue colors cover a range of delicate hues. The special hens who produce these impeccable eggs raise the expectations regarding the flavors that will be enjoyed once they are cooked.

Although much is said about the colorful shells, Heritage Eggs are more about the yolk. The amber yolks are a standout. While some people will stare at them when served sunny side up, it is only one option of the many uses. From pasta dishes to doughs, the bold color is an easy way to bring excitement to a dish.

For example, an egg yolk ravioli is even more stunning with Heritage Eggs. There is nothing better when the ravioli is cut to reveal that perfectly running, vibrantly colored yolk.

Even though the color is stunning, it is the flavor that brings people back time and again. The luscious texture enhances a variety of recipes. From the simple egg over easy to an over the top dessert, there are plenty of options to showcase the impeccable flavor. It is worth purchasing two dozens so that there can be some food experimentation.

The next time eggs are on the shopping list, consider purchasing some Heritage Eggs. One taste and the Happy Egg might become a new standard.