illume Brunch is a Japanese inspired exuberant dining experience

illume Brunch mimosa flight, photo provided by illume
illume Brunch mimosa flight, photo provided by illume /

While many people visit the JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek restaurant for its stunning views, the rooftop restaurant is bringing people’s attention to the food on plate with its illume Brunch. The Sunday offering showcases that the mid-day meal can be an exuberant celebration of Japanese cuisine with a few unexpected flavor twists along the way.

For some people, brunch is a weekend luxury. Instead of the hurried moments running from activity to activity, the meal is meant to linger, appreciate, and otherwise take a moment. Although sometimes associated with a special holiday or occasion, the dining event should not be limited to just those few calendar days. The table is open and ready to welcome guests when they want to experience food that will create a flavorful memory.

Recently added, the illume Brunch is available on Sundays from noon till 3:30 p.m. The expansive food menu focuses on Japanese inspired dishes. While there are some luxurious add-ons, the included fare features a diverse offering of maki, salad, entrees, and sweet endings.

Although some people might follow balanced eating guidance on a daily basis, the illume Brunch is time to push those limitations aside. This dining experience implores guests to sample and savor every bite.

For example, consider starting the extravagance with one of the shrimp lemongrass shumai, with its black garlic and chili sauce is bright and bold in a single bite. The punch of umami pleases the palate and creates an excitement to explore the other flavors on display.

Various maki options celebrate the delicate flavors. From traditional spicy tuna to an unctuous salmon avocado, these offerings showcase how simple sushi offerings can be the star of the plate.

Diners who prefer a little lighter option, the watermelon and crab salad with daikon is a delight. The contrast in textures satisfies while the balance of flavors is impeccable. This dish might be a concept that could be borrowed by home cooks.

The main entrees offer a variety that diners will appreciate. Although some people will gravitate towards the BBQ Pork Tenderloin, but the vegetable yakisoka stir fry with the furikake is a must. For those diners who are not familiar with furikake, it is time to add that ingredient to the home pantry. It is one of the most versatile, and flavorful, ingredients used in various preparations.

illume brunch desserts
Selection of illume Brunch desserts, photo provided by illume /

Of course, the illume Brunch would not be complete without a sweet ending. The desserts celebrate both the delicate and the over the top options. The lemon-lime chiffon has a delightful lightness with its bright flavors. For a luscious choice, the ricotta banana fritters are a must. And, the Japanese Whiskey Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Station cannot be missed.

While the sweet ending is a must, the cocktails delight at the illume Brunch. Similar to the showmanship offered during the restaurant’s nighttime offerings, the cocktail program does not disappoint with the brunch offerings.

Many people will order the Kirameku Mimosa Flight. Featuring apricot, yuzu, blood orange, and Asian pear, the juice flavors showcase that a mimosa can be more than just a splash of orange juice. It pairs well with all the Asian inspired dishes on the brunch menu.

While there is a Bloody Mary that is divine, it is the KŌHĪTINI that should end every meal. The Faretti Biscotti liqueur adds a slightly spicy sweet, warm note to the espresso liqueur.

The illume Brunch is available Sundays at the JW Marriott Bonnet Creek. It runs from 12 p.m. till 3:30 p.m. The last seating is at 2 p.m. Adult meals are priced at $75 and children are $29.