Barilla Summer of Pesto brings a taste of la dolce vita to the season

Barilla Summer of Pesto curated collection, photo provided by Barilla
Barilla Summer of Pesto curated collection, photo provided by Barilla /

From a leisurely afternoon sitting by the pool to a spirited dinner under the stars, the Barilla Summer of Pesto is flavored by iconic Italian dishes. Although some people might long to be transported to the Amalfi Coast, the reality is that anyone can have that la dolce vita mindset. Grab an aperitivo, set the water to boil, and discover a new recipe that will have everyone raving.

Barilla and its various offerings are a staple in many kitchens. From the classic spaghetti topped with meatballs to a hearty lasagna, the brand has a myriad of pastas and sauces that can create a wide array of dishes.

While many home cooks happily grab that jar of tomato-based sauce, it is not the only option to open. A classic pesto combines basil, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil, and cheese into a vibrantly colored and flavored sauce. It can be used over pasta, on a flatbread, as a dip or a however someone chooses. While there are recipe variations, pesto feels vivacious on the plate.

To celebrate Barilla Summer of Pesto, the brand is highlighting the dynamic qualities that are often represented in the Italian summer vista. As Jennifer Ping, Marketing Director at Barilla Americas said, “Barilla knows first-hand how joyful and relaxing the summer in Italy is. With time for an aperitivo and a delicious meal shared with good friends, Italy’s spirit especially comes alive in the summer. As Americans begin summering, we hope they embrace this same blissful experience Italians know so well – which is why we’re introducing the Summer of Pesto Collection, a curated kit of essentials you can taste, touch, and wear all inspired by our delicious Pesto.”

Barilla Summer of Pesto
Barilla Summer of Pesto curated collection, photo provided by Barilla /

The specially curated collection features a variety of items that capture the Italian summer style. From the custom print to some kitchen essentials, all the cares will be swept away by that afternoon breeze. The only concern is ensuring that there are enough food and beverages to go around for everyone.

Anyone who would like the chance to win one of this specially curated collection can go to now through June 15 to enter. More details can be found on the website.

While that special offering is divine, Barilla has two flavorful pesto options that can inspire some culinary creativity at home. The Creamy Genovese Pesto has a luscious texture that offers tremendous versatility. It is a slight riff on the traditional recipe and that creaminess is so satisfying to enjoy.

The Rustic Basil Pesto is more traditional. While lovely on pasta, it is perfection on a flatbread or even used as a dip for fresh vegetables. It can even be used as a marinade for a chicken or fish dish.

This summer, wait until later in the season to harvest tomatoes and enjoy those sauces. It is time to celebrate the Barilla Summer of Pesto and embrace the fragrant, colorful sauce.