Wendy’s Summer Strawberry Salad is back to satisfy that craving

Wendy’s brings back fan-favorite Summer Strawberry Salad to deliver the fresh tastes of the season! photo provided by Wendy's
Wendy’s brings back fan-favorite Summer Strawberry Salad to deliver the fresh tastes of the season! photo provided by Wendy's /

In the quick service world, Wendy’s strives to do fast food done right. While the brand’s Made to Crave offerings might cater to a heartier appetite, the food brand appreciates that its salads are another aspect to standing out in the sea of sameness. With the return of Wendy’s Summer Strawberry Salad, that sweet, savory pairing has never tasted better.

Looking across the quick service restaurant space, the menus have similarities. There are slight variations on that burger patty, but it is still the premise of beef in between two buns.

What sets one food brand apart from another is choosing to highlight a particular menu sector. While there can be buzz over chicken wars, the reality is that some consumers want something lighter, but still bursting with flavor. The salad is the menu item that puts Wendy’s in a place ahead of others.

While Wendy’s has several salad options on the menu, the Summer Strawberry Salad hits differently. The combination of ingredients hits all the flavor notes. The strawberry brings sweetness, the bacon has an unctuous quality, the chicken is the backbone, and the tangy Champagne vinaigrette ties it all together. This salad delivers the flavor and proves that balanced eating does not have to be served with a side of compromise.

The return of the Summer Strawberry Salad is another example that it is strawberry season. While the return of the Strawberry Frosty was an easy decision, so was this food choice’s return. As long as Wendy’s can leverage its suppliers to get the best possible ingredients, then everyone is a winner.

While highlighting a craft salad is important for Wendy’s to stand out, the brand appreciates that it needs to stay current. It continues that conversation through pop culture connections.

Recently, Wendy’s partnered with T-Pain on the Buy U a Frosty campaign. As fans take to share their preferences on how dipping into that Frosty makes them feel, it opens the door to a bigger conversation.

That promise of a free small Frosty turns a free food giveaway into a pattern, a habit, a craving. Who wouldn’t be singing the praises of the perfect ending to that Wendy’s meal. It is another example how food connects people.

Summer is here and Wendy’s is serving up the food that people will be craving. Nothing is sweeter than a table full of juicy strawberries.