Instacart Cashé celebrates the enticing aroma of everyday luxury

Instacart Cashé , photo provided by Instacart
Instacart Cashé , photo provided by Instacart /

Many people have embraced the convenience of Instacart shopping. From the forgotten milk to the weekly shopping list, that iconic is front and center on the home screen. The brand is stepping beyond the shopping aisle and venturing into the lifestyle space. It is all about the Instacart Cashé.

For some food lovers, it is the aroma, scent or fragrance that can have people running to the table. Whether it is the bacon sizzling in the pan or the warm spices of that candle, scents evoke a feeling, recall a memory, or otherwise can make people smile.

With Instacart Cashé, the special limited edition fragrance wants to capture “The Smell of Cash Back.” Although that statement might not describe a delicate floral or a slightly musky note, it can be all those scents wrapped into one. After all, saving on every purchase is the ultimate smell of success.

As Laura Jones, Chief Marketing Officer at Instacart said “Instacart cardmembers are unique, savvy lifehackers who are getting cash back for doing what they love to do – like buying their weekly groceries or mimosas for brunch, filling up with gas for a family road trip, or dining out with friends. With the launch of Cashé, we’re building an unexpected way for consumers to engage with our brand.”

The Instacart Cashé was available to the first 1,000 people. It has sold out quickly. But, Instacart curated a cart with shopping options that can be a mood booster. Even if one scent was just a whisp on a breeze, saving every day is something that will linger far longer.

Instacart Cashé
Instacart Cashé , photo provided by Instacart /

Overall, Instacart is using a creative campaign to engage consumers. From the stylized visuals to the idea of being part of the “it” crowd, the idea is to show that the shopping and saving has a benefit, a special quality, an ability to feel elevated. There can be those stories of coupon clipping and full carts from decades ago, but the reality is that smart shoppers evolve. Their buying habits are sophisticated, and they want companies who cater to their needs. Instacart is willing to be that company.

For now, the Instacart Cashé might gone to a select few but the real smell of cash back is wafting the electronic shopping aisles on that platform. The color of money might be green, but the aroma of savings hits all the right notes.