Junior’s OREO Cheesecake is the ultimate dessert pairing from two food icons

Junior's OREO Cheesecake, photo provided by Junior's
Junior's OREO Cheesecake, photo provided by Junior's /

When two iconic brands join forces, the result can be the ultimate dessert pairing. In a recent announcement, Junior’s Restaurant & Bakery partnered with OREO, from Mondelēz International, to offer the official Junior’s OREO Cheesecake. Ready to place that order for the first slice?

Revealed at International Dairy Deli Bakery Association annual conference, the Junior’s OREO Cheesecake will be available at both food service and retail. Although the rollout will not happen till the Fall, many people will be counting down the days till the first serving.

Speaking about this special collaboration, Alan Rosen of Junior’s said, “Talk about ‘double stuf. We’re so honored that Mondelēz chose Junior’s for a co-branded retail OREO cheesecake. It’s a marriage made in food lover’s heaven!”

As Melissa Renny, Senior Licensing Director at Mondelēz International, shared, “We are so excited to partner the iconic brand OREO with Junior’s Cheesecake, such a well-known and well-loved brand from NYC!”

Junior's OREO Cheesecake
Junior’s OREO Cheesecake, photo provided by Junior’s /

The highly regarded Junior’s Original New York Style Cheesecake has OREO cookie pieces blended into it. In addition, it will feature an OREO cookie crust and will be topped with an OREO Cookie wafer. Whether the dessert is picked before the main meal or created in collaboration with the other food being served, there is always a reason to end the eating experience with this favorite cheesecake.

Thinking about how this cheesecake can be served, there are many options. Beyond the simple slice, chocolate drizzle is lovely. Or, a little twist can be a peanut butter syrup or even a salted caramel sauce for another option.

While there are cookies and cream cheesecake recipes on the market, this partnership celebrates the trusted, well-known brands. The classic OREO flavor will come through in every bite. Plus, there is nothing better than the Junior’s Original New York Style Cheesecake recipe. For consumers who appreciate the best option, this dessert is one that will always deliver the best flavor.

The new Junior’s OREO Cheesecake will be available where Junior’s is sold. Retailers include: Shoprite, Costco, Whole Foods, Walmart, Stop & Shop, Publix and more.